2017 Arizona Diamondbacks Betting Preview

The 2017 Arizona Diamondbacks betting preview can be viewed one of two ways: Either you will see major returns from a pricey 2016 free agency class or you will expect another underachieving year for the D-backs. No matter which side of the coin you are on, Arizona will be one of the most difficult teams to gauge in 2017, making them either the perfect sleeper or the continually disappointing favorite.

The 2017 betting preview Arizona Diamondbacks fans are expecting will be more detailed once the smoke from winter meeting clears. Until then, we will attempt to provide all of the information available to prepare new and veteran baseball bettors for the 2017 MLB betting season.

What Are Arizona’s Betting Odds To Winning The 2017 World Series?

The D-backs 2017 World Series betting odds aren’t ideal for bettors, but provide context to the uncertainty of what the team is or can be. 5Dimes list them with +6600 odds, BetOnline has the team at +10000 and Bovada gives Arizona a +7500 line. In all three cases, their odds are in the bottom-half of the middle of the pack. It shows that oddsmakers are hesitant to rule them as a heavy underdog, but not confident enough to list them amongst the favorites. As the season progresses, like with all teams, their place will become clearer.

What Are The Diamondbacks Odds To Win The Division?

The Arizona Diamondbacks odds to win the NL West will be heavily influenced by the efforts of their starting pitching. In truth, the team can finish anywhere between second and last. Zack Greinke had one of the worst seasons as a pro, if not the worst. He finished with a 4.37 ERA, his highest since his second season in the majors. Greinke is one of the top pitchers in the MLB when he is at the top of his game. Look for him to get more comfortable in AZ and be closer to form this upcoming season which should help.

Shelby Miller and how he can adjust to being the team’s second or third starter will be huge considering the price the team paid to acquire him. Edner Inciarte, Dansby Swanson, and Aaron Blair are a bit much for what Shelby is worth. Arizona should hope he lives up to the billing.

2017 Betting Preview for the Arizona Diamondbacks

What D-backs Additions Are Already Prepared To Contribute?

The 2017 MLB preview of the Arizona Diamondbacks key additions for the 2017 season, the big name that was added via trade is 24-year-old pitcher Taijuan Walker. Walker has struggled in his four seasons of scattered work as a pro. Once considered a future ace, he has a career 4.18 ERA, but still possesses all of the tools looked for in a prototypical pitcher. His fastball reaches in the mid to upper 90s and has good size at 6-foot-4-inches 235 pounds. Walker had the best stretch of his career right before he was traded and should trend upward.

Jeff Mathis also figures to have an impact on the team defensively. The 33-year-old free agent from the Marlins will fill the void behind the plate left by the departure of Welington Castillo. The caveat is that for everything he brings from behind the plate, don’t expect much when he steps up to bat. Over his 12 seasons as a pro, he has a .197 batting average.

He isn’t a new addition, but the return of center fielder A.J. Polluck should also help bolster the defense. Polluck played in only 12 games last season because of a fractured elbow. Polluck is a career .293 hitter but hit .315 with 20 home runs and 76 RBIs in 2015. If he can come anywhere close to that production, the team will be in good shape.

What Players Did The 2017 Diamondbacks Lose?

Welington Castillo’s name will be heard most often amongst the Diamondbacks key losses because of his offensive impact. The D’backs did not tender an offer to their 2016 starting catcher or pitcher Rubby De La Rosa. Castillo had 14 home runs and hit .264, but was a disappointment defensively. De La Rosa started 42 games for Arizona between the 2015 and 2016 seasons, amassing an 18-14 record. His ERA was 4.59 before injuring his forearm, costing him to miss significant time.

The aforementioned Segura trade is important for a few reasons. He was just acquired from the Brewers the season before and cost the organization quite a bit. Top-100 prospect Isan Dias is a future All-Star in one of the midfield positions and was sent over with pitcher Chase Anderson and Aaron Hill, a serviceable utility guy.

How Does The Arizona Diamondbacks Farm System Factor Into 2017?

The Arizona farm system is full of pitchers and infield help for the team. The group of those expected to see time in the majors this season is headlined by lefty Anthony Banda. He was originally drafted in the 33rd round by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2011 but figures to see some time in the bullpen rotation. He spent the 2016 campaign with the team’s Triple-A affiliate the Reno Aces. He finished with a 2.88 ERA and has averaged 8.8 strikeouts per nine innings in his minor league tenure.

Domingo Leyba and Jack Reinheimer figure to be contributors to Arizona’s infield defense soon. They are considered the D-backs midfield of the future. The majority of their time in the minors, both have tried their hand at shortstop and second base. Reinheimer is a bit further along and could see plenty of time this season, especially with the trade of Jean Segura to the Mariners.

While Reinheimer is solid, Leyba is more likely to make an impact once he is called up. He is the superior defender and a switch-hitter that can swing from both sides of the plate with good speed. Don’t expect him to blast many out of the park, but hit judgment at the plate ensures that he will get on base and his speed will do the rest.

How To Bet On The Diamondbacks At Online Sports Betting Sites

Here is the interesting thing about betting on the Diamondbacks, there isn’t a concrete answer to what they will be. Defensively they should be better with Greinke adjusting, Jeff Mathis and the return of A.J. Pollock. If their offense can produce some runs, the team could potentially live up to the high expectations of the 2016 season. If not, they could be the object of several sucker bets.

Depositing Funds On A Sports Betting Site

Sportsbooks offer players a multitude of ways to get funds in their sportsbook accounts. Different fees, deposit methods and processing speeds are offered to ensure players get transactions handled efficiently. Most often, players use their credit cards as the primary method of funding. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are all accepted between the four major online betting sites discussed on our page. Bitcoin is also a popular venue for online transactions. The e-wallet allows for instant processing of funds and comes with no fees. Players can enjoy low minimum limits, while high rollers can be serviced with higher maximum limits than other deposit options.

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Baseball Odds Explained

The sole purpose of baseball odds is to inform the bettor of how much a potential bet should pay. This can be expressed in three ways – American odds, decimal odds, or fractional odds. In most cases, the odds will show you who is the favorite and who is the underdog, but they will always show what you should expect as a return on your wager.

American odds, the most commonly used at sports betting sites that accept American players, show the favorite of a bet by giving them a negative number. Any team represented by a minus symbol (-) shows how much you would have to wager in order to win $100. On the other side, underdogs are represented with a plus symbol (+) and represent how much a player stands to win based on a $100 wager.

Fractional odds work in a similar fashion except you have to add a zero to each side of the fraction. The denominator, or number on the right, shows how much the risk amount is. The numerator, or number on the left, shows what the expected payout should be. Here is an example of a run line wager that should help. For both sides of the wager, a $100 bet will win a player $120.

Decimal odds are the only odds that require a little math to determine your payout, the emphasis being on little math. Simply multiply the presented odds by the wagered amount, the product is how much the winning bet will pay. That’s it. If the line is set at 2.00, that means your odds are even as it will only double your risk amount.

What Baseball Trends And Statistics Should Be Tracked?

With so many games to be played in a regular season, noticing the trends or habits and stats of a particular team could go a long way when figuring out who to lay money on. The D-backs, for example, were horrendous on defense, but usually covered the over because of it. With them being the worst statistical team on defense in the majors last season, teams were able to score points in bunches against them. Don’t expect the same from the team this season as they have spent the early parts of the offseason acquiring defensive help.

Playing venue can also factor into how you should bet. Playing at Coors Field should almost always warrant an over pick. It is the most batter-friendly park in the MLB, especially dead center. The High altitudes of the park cause the ball to travel further than normal and lead to a lot of runs being scored. Where the game will be played is of comparable importance to who will be playing in the game.

These are not the only qualifiers that should be searched out. Several seemingly minuscule factors could be the determining element of any game. Find the metrics that work for you and stay consistent.

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Best Baseball Betting Site To Wager On The Diamondbacks

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