NL East Division Preview

The MLB betting preview heading into 2017 shows that the NL East will have a couple of playoff contenders in their ranks. The Division has been controlled mainly by the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals these past few years, and both teams have excellent World Series betting odds heading into 2017. The Mets have +900 odds to win the Championship next year, and the Nationals are only just behind them with +1000 odds. While their dominance more than likely won’t be challenged from within the division, the Marlins, Braves, and Phillies are all on the verge of becoming more competitive in the coming years. Each just needs for the pieces to fall into place. The Miami Marlins are a bullpen short of a playoff worthy team, and their World Series betting odds are currently set at +6600. This could change, but with such a lean free agency market this year, they’ll have to land a big fish to move those numbers. Atlanta, meanwhile, has already made several offseason additions to their bullpen which will help them in their rebuilding efforts. They’re still a ways off of becoming Championship contenders, though, and their World Series betting preview reflects that at +12500. Philadelphia won’t be any worse than they were in previous seasons, but as they are still a very young team, they more than likely won’t be any better, either. Their 2017 betting preview has them at +15000 odds to win the World Series, and as a likely candidate to take last place in their division.

National League East Betting Odds

New York Mets Odds To Win in 2017

The Mets made a tremendous comeback at the end of last season after suffering injuries to many of their starters. With the return to health of many key players and with the re-signing of Yoenis Cespedes to a 4-year, $110 million contract, New York’s betting preview is looking even better than it did last year. The Mets’ 2017 World Series betting odds are some of the best this offseason, at +900. Their biggest concern now lies with the pending status of David Wright, who is coming off of season-ending surgery. Despite this, though, the Mets will definitely be making a championship push this year. They’re young, hungry, and talented. There’s no better combination.

Washington Nationals Betting Odds

The Washington Nationals have been consistently successful over the years, and with the solid team they’ve put together featuring Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and Daniel Murphy, they’re poised to pick up exactly where they left off in previous years. Despite the fact that they’ve never made a World Series appearance, this year’s MLB betting preview puts them squarely in the race for the 2017 Championship at +1000. The only thing hampering the Nationals’ 2017 World Series betting odds is the status of Catcher Wilson Ramos. Ramos is now a free agent looking for a multi-year deal. While he was arguably one of the MLB’s best catchers pre-injury, a season-ending ACL tear midway through last season has GM Mike Rizzo questioning whether he’s worth the risk. MLB rumors have the Nats targeting Andrew McCutchen and Chris Sale, among other big name players this offseason.

2017 Betting Odds For The Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins were hit hard after the death of Jose Fernandez, both in the bullpen and in team moral. If they want to be successful in 2017, they’ll need to focus a majority of their moves on bolstering their rotation. They’ve already begun taking a step in the right direction by signing Edinson Volquez, but really need to find an ace. The rest of the team is looking good, with an outfield that’s poised to become one of the best in the league and a good group of infielders that’s found their rhythm. The only thing keeping the Marlins from taking the next step is their pitching staff. Their 2017 betting preview has them at +6600, but if they continue to make the right offseason acquisitions, these numbers should improve. This might be hard, though, as the free agency market has slim pickings for teams like Miami, whose spending will be modest at best. As usual, the Marlins will most likely finish middle of the pack in 2017.

Atlanta Braves 2017 Season Outlook

The Atlanta Braves have been stuck in the dark ages these last few seasons, after getting hit hard by the loss of nearly all their starters to free agency or retirement a few years ago. Despite being deep in the rebuilding process and coming off their third consecutive losing season, the Braves betting odds are actually improving. Their farm league has quite a bit to do with this, as they were named Minor League Team of the Year. The Braves also have several prospects ready to make a splash in the majors, headlined by Kolby Allard. Their current betting preview has them at +12500, and they more than likely won’t go over 500 this year, but they will definitely be better than they were last season so long as everyone can stay healthy.

Philadelphia Phillies Betting Odds

The Phillies are one of the youngest teams we preview at MLB this year and as such are going to go through growing pains. Aaron Nola is poised to be one of the best pitchers in the NL East, but still has a ways to go. The Phillies’ had a strong group of starters, but traded Charlie Morton to the Astros, leaving just Jeremy Hellickson in the bullpen, who is a strong but inconsistent player. These changes to the pitching staff, along with the probable release of Ryan Howard, put Philadelphia squarely in the “rebuilding” camp. With that being said, it seems almost redundant to say that their 2017 betting preview isn’t very good, but it has to be mentioned. Currently, the Phillies’ 2017 World Series betting odds have them at +15000. Despite having a good crop of burgeoning talent, they just don’t have the depth to make it through all 162 games. They’ll finish under 500 and in last place in the Division, as the Braves are just a bit ahead of them developmentally.

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