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Major League Baseball is one of the most-bet-on sports in America. Although it may not be as flashy as NLF football, people love to bet on MLB because there is so much money to be made on it. One of the best online sportsbooks to bet on baseball is It is a force to be reckoned with in the online betting world. It is one of the most trusted sites out there, giving you access to all the best betting lines and wager types. If you like deals and promotions, SportsBetting has you covered with some of the most generous bonuses you will be able to find anywhere.

You will learn all about on this page. In addition to the aforementioned betting lines, wager types, and bonuses, we will also tell you about some of the easy deposit and payout methods has at their disposal. You will discover live in-game play, mobile betting, and other fun features. We will even go over some of the legal and safety information that you need to know about before you get started. So get ready, because you are about to find out why MLB betting fans choose over the competition every time!

MLB Betting At

If you are looking for an online sportsbook that has a good mix of betting lines, wager types, bonuses, and features, you’ve come to the right place. has it all, and then some! It does a good job of replicating the vibe of an actual Las Vegas casino. You can bet on everything from the moneyline to props and futures, and you try out all kinds of fun wager types, including parlays, pleasers, and teasers. When it comes to quality and diversity, nothing beats

MORE: IS IT LEGAL TO BET ON PRO BASEBALL? MLB Betting Lines MLB SportsbookAll of the major betting lines can be found at, including game lines, futures, and props. Each of these betting lines is good for specific wagering purposes. Types of game lines include the moneyline, the run line (specifically for MLB), and the over/under. Many people choose to bet on games that have not yet taken place. These are futures bets, and they can be very lucrative if you put your money down when the odds are good. And if you want to bet on a specific event that does not have a noticeable effect on the game’s outcome, a prop bet is tailor-made just for you! You might want to bet on the number of home runs the Yankees will score by the end of the 5th inning, or you might want to bet on the number of points a player will score during a specific inning. There are all kinds of prop bets that you can wager on at Wager Types MLB SportsbookAt, you will discover a huge variety of wager types. These are not merely limited to straight bets. You can get more complex with your wagers by trying out various combo bets. For example, a parlay is a combination of multiple bets in which the payout for the first bet will be used as the stake for the second bet, and the third, etc. Although a parlay is difficult to win because you cannot lose any part of it, the payout amount is potentially much higher than that of a straight wager. Other types of combo bets include pleasers, in which the point spread is adjusted in the sportsbook’s favor, making it harder for you to win. However, the payout on a pleaser is potentially very high. The teaser, on the other hand, is easier to win because you can adjust the spread in your favor resulting in better odds of winning, but a lower payout. Other types of wagers include if bets and round robins. MLB Sportsbook

Mobile Betting At

One of the great things about is that they are always ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology. Mobile betting is a perfect example of this. What it does is let you bet on MLB sportsbooks action from your portable or mobile device. Examples of supported devices include iPhones, Smartphones, Androids, and tablets. You can travel anywhere and have complete access to’s mobile site. You will not have to miss a bet ever again. There are no extra fees or downloads, either. Mobile betting is just another way in which keeps its valued customers satisfied, happy, and coming back for more!

Live MLB Betting At MLB offers a feature called live betting, which allows you, the player, to stream complete games live and unedited. The days of flipping between your television and your computer are over, because with live betting, everything is right there in one place. This includes schedules for games, updated odds, and more. Recaps allow you to watch games that you have missed. Here’s how to use live betting: go to the top of the sportsbook page and select “live betting;” Choose a sport to wager on; Choose a side to back and enter your wager amount; Click on the “submit” tab. You can always click on “my wagers” to see a list of bets that you have made. You can also view events from multiple angles and view the calendar, which shows you events that are coming up in the future. MLB Sportsbook

Bonuses At

Bonuses are a wonderful reward for novice and professional players alike. For new members, offers a welcome bonus of 50 percent. This is a one-time bonus for first deposits. The bare minimum amount that you must deposit is $25, and the absolute maximum is $500. There is a similar type of bonus for regular players called a reload bonus. The amount of the bonus is usually between 25 and 50 percent, but that all just depends on the season. Since this is a lifetime bonus, you can use it as many times as you want. Other bonuses include the $50 free play for mobile betting, which gives you a $50 reimbursement on a losing bet, and the $25 Free Live In-Game Betting bonus, which gives you a $25 reimbursement.

In order to let know that you want to take part in the bonus program, you need to send them the right promo code. Each bonus type has a corresponding promotional code that unlocks that specific bonus. Each bonus also comes with its own rollover requirement, which means that you have to spend a certain amount of your own money before you can get your bonus cash. All sportsbooks have rollovers in order to keep from being ripped off by people who just sign up and never intend to do any serious betting.

Deposit Methods At MLB SportsbookHalf a dozen easy deposit methods await you at The most basic method is credit/debit card, which typically takes just a few seconds to process. All of the major credit card brands are accepted, including MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. All cards have a minimum deposit amount of $50. As far as maximums go, each card has its own limits, anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500. Transaction fees are a low, low 6.5 percent. Many players opt for Western Union or MoneyGram, which are both money transfer services that take just a few minutes. You have to fill out a form online to use MG or WU. Those aren’t the only ways to put money in your account, though. You can also try money order, Bitcoin, and bank wire transfer.

Payout Methods At makes it simple to get money out of your sportsbook account. You can use any of the same methods you used to make a deposit except credit or debit cards, which are forbidden under legal regulations. Western Union and MoneyGram are your best options. To use this option, go to the online cashier, request a payout, and wait for your confirmation number. You can pick you cash up at a participating retailer within 12 to 36 hours. The minimum payout amount is $50, and the maximum is $600. Speaking of high maximums, you can withdraw as much as much as $24,900 if you opt for a bank wire transfer. This takes a bit longer, up to ten business days, however. The other payout methods include check and Bitcoin, which is a type of electronic currency service that transfers straight from your BetOnline account to your Bitcoin account.

Is Legal? MLB SportsbookYes, is both legal and safe. It is legal because it does not fall under the umbrella of United States law that regulates sportsbooks. It functions out of the Republic of Panama, where American law does not reach. Moreover, US law does not stop a citizen from joining an online sportsbook. It merely prevents sportsbooks from functioning on American soil, unless they are in Nevada or Delaware. Laws such as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) are in place only to prevent the rise of mafia-run bookmaking operations.

Is Safe?

Yes, it is extremely safe. includes all kinds of security protocols that safeguard your personal information. One such feature is called encryption, and it makes the information on the site appear as numerical code, unreadable to most people without the aid of a special code key. Anytime you transfer money or information to, the data travels over a secure server. All traffic to and from the site is monitored using firewalls. With all of these great safety features in place, you can trust that your account information will always be safe and secure.

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