The 2017 Chicago Cubs Betting Preview

The Chicago Cubs are the defending World Series Champions and are poised to make a repeat of last season’s performance as we head into a new year. Below, we’ve put together the Chicago Cubs 2017 betting preview, which reflects what their current odds are to win the 2017 World Series. After a season with over 100 wins and an unbelievable comeback from a 3-1 World Series deficit, this team very well become back to back Champions.

The 2017 Chicago Cubs betting preview will feature every detail that you’ll need if you are planning to wager on the team. Learn their World Series betting odds, their key additions and departures in the offseason, and what to look for before placing a bet on the Cubs. After that, we will give you tips on how and where to use the information from this 2017 betting preview of the Chicago Cubs.

What Are The Chicago Cubs 2017 World Series Betting Odds?

The Chicago Cubs’ 2017 World Series Betting odds are currently the best of any team in the MLB. Sitting at +375 lines right now, this team is definitely the favorite heading into the new season. They do have a couple of road blocks to face on their way to a repeat title, however. Aroldis Chapman inked a new deal with the Yankees during the offseason, and Dexter Fowler also left, heading instead for warmer climes in St. Louis. These key losses, paired with the fact that no team has been able to win back to back Championships since 2000, are somewhat daunting. The Cubs don’t seem to mind the challenge these obstacles present, though, and so far, neither do their betting lines.

Can The Cubs Repeat As NL Central Champions In 2017?

The Chicago Cubs have the best odds to make a repeat as the Division Champions of the NL Central. Fortunately for the Cubs, there really isn’t much competition in the NL Central. The St. Louis Cardinals are fielding a nice team, but the Cubs have the best team in baseball. And unlike with past World Series Championship teams, this ball club remains mostly intact and fired up after breaking the longest drought in baseball. So barring injury, a reappearance of Steve Bartman, or some other cosmic intervention, the Cubs should be able to take home the NL Central Title for the second year in a row.

2017 Betting Preview for the Chicago Cubs

Who Were The Cubs Key Additions For 2017?

The Cubs made a series of subtle moves to help prepare them for the future and keep them on pace for another title run. The players they signed aren't flashy or high-profile, but they should provide depth to make sure that the Cubs stay at the top. Based on their track records, they'll be seamless fits to keep the Cubs in a good position.

Jon Jay – The veteran center fielder adds a touch of experience to the otherwise young outfield that Cubs are fielding. Jay’s style and age should add the perfect balancing touch to Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora, Jr. Jay was signed to just a 1-year deal.

Wade Davis – The 31-year-old closer posted an ERA of 1.87 last season, and has played for both the Kansas City Royals and the Tampa Bay Rays in his career. Last season, he recorded 27 saves in 30 attempts. Davis has maintained a 1.28 career WHIP and didn’t give up a single homerun in 45 games last year.

2017 Key Departures For The Chicago Cubs

Dexter Fowler and Aroldis Chapman are the first two names that come to mind when thinking about the players Chicago will miss most. Fowler was solid as the leadoff man for the Cubs last season, seeing action in 125 games while accumulating 126 hits and driving in 48 RBI. Fowler signed a five-year deal to play for division rival St. Louis. Albert Almora Jr. and veteran Jon Jay will be the primary men in the middle now. Both are better defenders than Fowler and will make the team that much tougher to score on.

Chapman chose to return to the New York Yankees after his brief stint with the club. Chapman was instrumental as another quality arm in the bullpen but was often erratic with his throws and struggled with his control. He also complained about the way manager Joe Maddon used him in the World Series run, saying he was overplayed. Losing bullpen depth like Chapman would hurt any other team, but the Cubs have Wade Davis, Hector Rondon, and Pedro Strop to stabilize their rotation.

Veteran catcher David Ross’ retirement may also have some locker room implications, but other veterans should be able to fill the leadership void. His departure will be more of an emotional loss than one that will actually affect gameplay.

Will The Cubs Have Any Help From The Farm System in 2017?

The Cubs have a great prospect in Ian Happ, the first round draft pick from Cincinnati. Happ is the top player in the Cubs farm system and continues their trend of taking big-hitting college players in the first round. The 22-year-old second baseman is a switch hitter with good bat speed from both sides of the plate with terrific instincts. Happ profiles as an above-average hitter and many are expecting great things from him.

What Kind Of Wagers Can Be Placed On The 2017 Chicago Cubs At Online Sports Betting Sites?

There are so many different ways to bet on baseball that it can be tough figuring out which one is the wager for you. Some of the most popular baseball wager types are moneyline bets, where you choose an outright winner, and runline wagers, which is the baseball equivalent to betting the spread. Another extremely popular wager type amongst bettors is the first five innings wager. This bet functions exactly as it sounds – you make a moneyline bet on which team will have more runs at the end of the first five innings. This is considered a type of “first half” bet. The advantage to placing this sort of wager is that you only have to rely on the starting pitcher, rather than the strength of the team’s bullpen. Because most starting pitchers will last about six innings, there’s less chance that a rookie reliever will come in and mess up the game for you.

Depositing Funds Into An Online Sports Betting Site

When depositing funds into an online sports betting site, there are myriad different options available to you. You’ll want to choose the right method for yourself, one that meets your criteria. So depending on how much you would like to deposit and how quickly you would like for your account to be credited, there are a couple of different choices.

If you’re not concerned with speed and would like to deposit a pretty generous sum, I suggest sending a check or money order in the mail. It takes a couple of days to reach the account, but you can send up to ten or twenty thousand dollars in one go. Checks and money orders are shipped usually through FedEx or UPS, so they are guaranteed to arrive and come with a tracking number so that you can rest assured that you know where your money is at all times.

If you’d rather have the funds quickly, I would look into a prepaid card. These cards are usually purchased at a grocery or convenience store and can be preloaded with as much money as you’d like. Prepaid cards are processed almost exactly like credit cards, with one important difference. With a prepaid card, the fund are already available, so they don’t have to be run through a bank. Credit cards extend a line of credit from the bank. Because of this, they are subject to the restrictions of the UIGEA, which can sometimes result in declined transactions. Instead of going through all that hassle, just use a prepaid card. The limits are a bit lower than with checks or money orders, but your account is credited within minutes.

If you’re looking for a high deposit limit that’s also quick, we recommend Bitcoin. This virtual currency is part of a peer to peer transaction website, and the software allows people to send payments all across the world at a fraction of the cost that banks charge. With Bitcoin, you can credit your sports betting account in minutes, without having to put personal financial information onto the site. All you have to do is put the address of your bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin doesn’t come with any associated fees to use and is very simple. Most sports betting sites will even provide a tutorial for those who are unfamiliar with the site and how it works

How To Read Baseball Betting Odds

At we know baseball betting odds are actually pretty easy to read, once you get the hang of it. Baseball lines are almost always presented in American style odds, so you’ll see a number with a (+) or (-) next to it. It’s important to know that odds denote the payout you’ll receive and are almost always based on a $100 bet. The (+) will symbolize the underdog, while the (-) will show you who is favored to win. Below, we’ll show you an example of a moneyline bet, the most common type of baseball wager.

So, as you can see, the Cubs are favored in this matchup. Based on the line they’ve been given, you would have to pay $130 to win $100 because they are the favorite. Conversely, the Indians are the dogs in this game, so for every $100 you wager, you’ll win $165. They payout is much better when you bet on the dog, but they’re not thought to have as good a chance as the favorite to win, so everything balances out.

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