2017 Cincinnati Reds MLB Betting Preview

The Cincinnati Reds 2017 betting preview helps fans understand that growth, not winning, will be the goal for the organization for the next few years. Aside from the 33-year-old Votto, most of the team is comprised of up-and-coming talent. The organization has been fully committed to the rebuild and will probably have a season similar to the 68-94 2016 season. However, if some of that talent takes the next step in their development, like a Zack Cozart, the Reds could surprise a few teams.

The betting preview for the 2017 Cincinnati Reds will highlight some of the details that should be monitored when placing a wager on the team. This includes key free agent acquisitions and losses, player prospects, and divisional projections. We will also inform you of the ways and online sports betting sites that accept wagers on the 2017 Cincinnati Reds.

How Likely To Cover Are The Cincinnati Reds 2017 World Series Betting Odds?

Bovada has the Reds tied with six other teams for the worst odds to win the 2017 World Series at +10000. BetOnline also sees the Reds as a league bottom feeder, setting their line at +20000, also the worst in the majors. 5Dimes is no different, tying Cincinnati with the San Diego Padres for worst odds in the MLB at +17500. These odds are a direct result of the club entering rebuilding mode. By trading away just about every veteran asset for prospects and young talent, the club is starting over and is a few seasons away from truly contending for a title.

What Are The Odds Of The Cincinnati Reds Winning The 2017 NL West Central?

If your odds to win the 2017 World Series are the worst in the league, it is safe to say the Cincinnati Reds also have the worst odds to win the 2017 National League Central Division. Although Reds odds to win the NL west haven’t been released, there is not very much evidence to support them being able to overcome the entire division. A division that also includes the reigning World Series champions.

Some advice would be to carefully analyze how the team plays division opponents early in the season and take advantage of some of the relaxed lines during potential upset games. Before oddsmakers can adjust to new rosters, you can sometimes take advantage of the more than generous underdog lines, especially with a team that no one will pick to win anyway. At least for this season, small victories with the Cincinnati Reds is as good as you can expect.

2017 Betting Preview for the Cincinnati Reds

Key Additions For 2017 Cincinnati Reds

The funny thing is that the Cincinnati Reds have made no key roster additions in 2017. In fact, they really haven’t made any additions at all. Their key additions came last season via trade when they were one of the league’s most active teams. It would also be illogical for the team to go after any high-priced free agents when they are still a few years away from contention. Not making any additions or subtractions during winter talks was probably the best move the team could have made. Don’t expect any flashy moves to come from the organization.

Key Departures For 2017 Cincinnati Reds

No matter what other moves they make, the biggest move the organization will take is getting rid of second baseman Brandon Phillips at some point this season. Phillips and his $14 million contract are the last piece to be moved in order to continue the rebuilding process. Contract extensions are coming up for future building blocks Dan Straily, Billy Hamilton and Anthony DeSclafani and the club can’t afford to be handicapped by past-their-prime contracts.

As of now, the team has not lost any players of note. Most of the players who won’t be on the team were not tendered offers from the team and weren’t important parts of the lineup anyway. Cincinnati is a team that will rely heavily on call-ups and relative unknowns to evaluate what they have moving forward.

Who Are The Cincinnati Reds Top Prospects Of 2017?

If it is offense that the Reds will be looking for, then they have a very good prospect in third baseman Nick Senzel. Senzel is a well-rounded bat that could see time as early as 2017. His hard work on his third base defense has him profiled as an everyday starter at the position. The 2016 number two overall selection split time between two leagues last in 2016 hitting a .305 average with seven homeruns and 40 RBI in 68 games. His 25 doubles led the Southeastern Conference.

Amir Garret can be tabbed as the best pitching prospect in the Cincinnati Reds farm system. The 24-year-old lefty is a fastball pitcher whose massive frame makes him a physical presence on the mound. At 6’5” 210 pounds, the former St. John’s guard uses his size well by fully extending his pitches to throw off batters. Garrett is a cautious option as a frontline starter with major upside. His consistency and control will be the most telling signs of the type of pro he will become.

Betting On The Cincinnati Reds At Online Sports Betting Sites

How To Make A Deposit On A Sports Betting Site?

Cincinnati Reds fans shouldn’t have trouble funding their accounts with the plethora of options available to them at every online sports betting site. The most common method of depositing money into an online sportsbook is via a credit card. These transactions are generally hassle-free and can be done in a matter of minutes. Other options like Bitcoin, check by courier, Western Union, and MoneyGram are also available at participating bookmaking sites. As long as you meet the age requirement for the sportsbook, there is a method of depositing funds into your account that suits your preference.

Deposit Bonuses And How To Use Them

In additions to making deposits easy, sports betting sites have also made them profitable using deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses add extra onto whatever you put into your account to give you more opportunities to win. Every sports betting site takes a different approach to bonuses, but there are a few general things that apply across the board.

Each bonus is a percentage of what you deposit. No deposit is at a flat rate for everyone. Shopping around to find which bonus best fits your needs and betting style can only improve your earnings. There are also the rollover requirements for bonuses. Rollovers are the number of times over you must wager the entire cost of your deposit and bonus amounts. With baseball, because of the volume of bets that can be made on all the games, rollovers are really easy to cover. For example, the rollover on the Bovada welcome bonus is a five-time one and can be done in as little as a day.

How To Read Baseball Odds For 2017 Cincinnati Reds

Before you place a wager, how much you must risk versus how much you stand to win must be weighed. These values are represented in the odds, which can be shown in one of three ways – American, decimal, or fractional. While the way you read these odds may vary, their purpose is still the same and that is to let you know how much a bet will payout.

The first and most common, set of lines are American odds. Bets with these odds show the favorite and underdog of a wager using plus and minus signs (+/-). Negative numbers are for the favorite and positive numbers are the underdog. A bet on the favorite, or chalk, shows how much you would have to risk in order to win $100. So a bet with -350 odds would need $350 to be wagered for a chance at a total payout of $450 ($100 + $350 bet amount). Conversely, an underdog wager depicts how much you stand to win on a bet of $100. Flip the odds to +350 and while the payout would still be $450, the risk amount is $100 instead of $350.

Fractional odds are often seen as confusion because the common belief is that there is math involved. That is not true. To read fractional lines you must first add a zero to the value on each side of the fraction and then read it from right to left. The right side will tell you the risk amount and the left side will give you the potential payout. 15/10, or 15-to-10, odds are supposed to be read as if they were 150/100. That means that a winning $100 wager will bring you $250 in earnings ($150 + $100 risked amount). Fractions with a value greater than one usually constitute the underdog and those less than one are the favorites.

Decimal odds are the only set that requires math, however little it may be. To determine your payout on a bet with decimal odds, simply multiply the odds by your risk amount. If the odds are 2.5 on a $200 wager, the expected payout will be $500 (2.5 x 200). A simple calculator conversion will suffice, but there are online odds calculators that will do the work for you. Your odds will be even if they are shown as 2.00. This only means that your risk amount will be doubled in a wager, but these will rarely be found.

Wager Types That Can Be Used On 2017 Cincinnati Reds Bets At Online Sports Betting Sites

Wager types for baseball are only slightly different than those of other sports. Moneyline wagers still only require for bettors to pick the outright winner. 5-Inning lines are specific to baseball betting and generally eliminate the effectiveness of a team’s bullpen. A 5-Inning bet is where you predict the outcome of a game’s first five innings instead of the entire game. They will usually have comparable odds to the moneyline for the game, but will more starting pitcher oriented and may differ based on that matchup.

Totals (Over/Unders) are also very popular amongst baseball bettors. These bets are probably the best to use when wagering on the Reds. The lack of pitching in Cincinnati’s bullpen makes bets on the over more likely to cover because they will give up a lot of runs. Collectively, they ranked last in every major relief pitching category including blown saves, homeruns, WHIP, and walks. They gave up 42 homeruns alone. An 8.5 totals line would be a walk in the park for this rotation.

Runlines and alternate runlines are equivalent to a spread bet. Your objective is to pick the margin of victory, not the winner. Standard runlines are usually set at 1.5 which means a team would either need to win or lose by two to cover the bet. Alternate runlines either change where the line is set or change the odds altogether. It can also flip who is the favorite and underdog for a particular wager.

Futures bets allow bettors to bet on events that are months down the line, like who will win the 2017 World Series. These bets are best for when the season is still new and fans are unsure of how things will shake out during the rest of the year. There may be a futures bet for how many runs the Reds bullpen will allow this season. There is no limit to the list of things that you could find under the futures tab at some online sportsbooks.

Betting Trends And Statistics Make You Bets More Accurate

To dismiss statistics in this 2017 Cincinnati Reds MLB betting preview would be irresponsible. Statistics and MLB trends are what fuel baseball betting and are the difference between winning and misery. The more details you have on a game, the more accurate the wager you can place. The smallest statistic can be the difference in winning and losing, even stats that would seem meaningless.

Weather and venue are two of the most overlooked features that can have devastating effects on the outcome of a game. The Reds home field, the Great American Ballpark, is a notoriously batter-friendly park. Their left and right walls are each under 330 feet, conducive for power hitters to hit multiple homeruns. Pair this information with the club’s already weak rotation and you have a team primed to cover the over at nearly every home game. Their bullpen pitchers were the league’s worst across every major category including blown saves and homeruns. In fact, they combined to have the worst bullpen numbers ever for ERA and homeruns per nine innings. The list of things that you can find has no end. Make sure that you are prepared before blindly throwing money down on a team.

Bovada Sportsbook

Best Online Baseball Betting Site For The 2017 Cincinnati Reds Betting Preview

If you are going to bet on the 2017 Cincinnati Reds, then you might as well do it with the sports betting site that gives them the best odds. For nearly two decades Bovada has been servicing the baseball betting community and has earned the reputation as one of the leading sportsbooks in the industry. Several features contribute to this accomplishment, but it is the sportsbook’s payout speeds through efficient transaction methods that really nail the point home. Bovada is known for having the fastest bookmaking site payouts because it only uses two methods to deliver funds, bitcoin and check by courier.

By compressing the options to two forms of withdrawals, Bovada is able to make the transactions more efficient. Bitcoin withdrawals process the moment the request is received and can be viewed in your account within two to six hours, but sometimes show up in less than an hour. There are no fees, but there are high limits to appease any high-roller players that want to wager big money on games. Bitcoin users can take out up to $9,500 once every five days. If you prefer to have your money delivered in person, the check by courier option is just as efficient. Withdrawals up to $3,000 can be made once a week but are only free once every 30 days. Subsequent withdrawals will come with a $50 charge. Players should expect checks to arrive within 10-15 business days of the request being processed. Don’t miss your opportunity to join and start getting paid today.

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