2017 Colorado Rockies Betting Preview

The 2017 betting preview Colorado Rockies fans should be expecting is one of patience. While simultaneously trying to fill a glaring hole at first base, the team desperately needs to address the pitching woes. Colorado will attempt to shore up the worst lineup in the league after having a combined 5.13 ERA from their pitchers in 2016.

Winter meetings will impact The 2017 Colorado Rockies betting preview dramatically. If the team succeeds and fills all of their areas of need, they could potentially contend for a division title with the balance of the rest of the roster. We will dissect every area that affects betting on the Colorado Rockies so that bettors can make the most informed decisions when the season starts.

Are The Rockies Betting Odds To Winning The 2017 World Series Realistic?

BetOnline and Bovada have the Rockies odds to win the 2017 World Series set at +6600. 5Dimes has a little less faith in them, setting the line at +10000. These odds are primarily working off of last season’s 75-87 finish to the regular season. If the Rockies were to remain status quo, these odds would probably be in the range of what someone looking to wager on the team would look for. However, if a name like Mark Trumbo finds his way into a Rockies uniform, expect these numbers to change quickly.

Can The Rockies Make Good On Their Odds To Win The National League West?

The Colorado Rockies odds to win the NL West haven’t been released, but they will probably fall in line somewhere behind the Dodgers. San Francisco will also be a factor in the race, but adding Ian Desmond shows that the team isn’t looking to wait to compete. Should the Rockies find a first baseman and more help in their relief pitching rotation during winter meetings, they could seriously compete for the division crown. Look for more aggressive moves from the Rockies moving forward.

What 2017 Padres Additions Will Provide Immediate Impact?

How Do the Colorado Rockies 2017 Key Additions Affect The Lineup?

The Rockies 2017 key additions come in the form of one man who can do many things, Ian Desmond. The 30-year-old Desmond is a utility player who can play in both the infield and outfield. Last season with the Texas Rangers he hit 22 home runs with a .285 batting average. However, their other targets will be clear during winter meetings and beyond.

Colorado is one of the several teams in the mix for first baseman Mark Trumbo. Trumbo would fill the team’s biggest need in that he is a power hitting first baseman. Should he fall through, the team will turn to focus on other potentials like Edwin Encarnacion and White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu. By adding Desmond, the team could find value on the trade market for one of its four lefty outfielders.

Relief pitching is the other major target of the team heading into next year. Brad Ziegler is on the short list of potential candidates the Rockies might go after. The 37-year-old sidearm pitcher averaged 7.68 strikeouts every nine innings while posting a 2.25 ERA in 2016 through 68 innings pitched. In the playoffs, he only gave up five runs in 29 2/3 innings and struck out 31 batters. While he doesn’t get very many strikeouts, he is reliable and doesn’t give up very many runs either. He might be just the solid, but cost-efficient, piece in the middle of the rotation this team may need.

Colorado Rockies 2017 Key Losses

There are no key losses for the 2017 Colorado Rockies to talk about. The team hasn’t made any moves yet that required sacrificing their own. It is rumored that the team would also be willing to part ways with outfielder Charlie Blackmon if it can net them a good haul in return, which becomes more likely with the addition of Ian Desmond. The Cubs are one team that is said to be interested, with Dexter Fowler contemplating free agency and have enough rotation guys to put together an enticing package.

Lefty reliever Boone Logan is another name that could be found in a different uniform next season. In an effort to get better all-around talent, the team can find less taxing options than his $6.25 million price tag. There were talks of the team being willing to trade Carlos Gonzales, but those were quickly shot down by general manager Jeff Bridich.

Are There Any 2017 Colorado Rockies Prospects Worth Noting?

The Rockies have one of the best farm systems in the entire MLB and have a few prospects in line that could make some noise. Shortstop Brendan Rodgers is at the top of the list. The number three overall pick from the 2015 draft is an all-around threat at the plate and more than capable defender, though not a stellar one. His strength and bat speed are his elite qualities, especially for his 6-foot 180-pound frame. With time he can develop into one of the league’s most dangerous high-average hitters.

On the mound, right-hander Jeff Hoffman will be the first pitcher from the Rockies minor league affiliates to see regular time in the majors. He was acquired in the Troy Tulowitzki trade in 2015. His debut in the majors wasn’t spectacular, going 0-4 with a 4.88 ERA, but his talent is undeniable. Hoffman has a fastball that peaks in the upper 90s and a devastating curveball with a sharp arc coming from someone 6-foot-5-inches 225 pounds. He doesn’t have the best command but should get plenty of work on that part of his game through plenty of 2017 experience.

Also in the conversation for top Colorado Rockies pitching prospect is 19-year-old Riley Pint. The righty out of Kansas is probably the most talented overall prospect and has the best betting odds to be National League rookie of the year potential should he be called up. His fastball, which has a top speed of 102, and his hard-cutting curveball are his two most dominant weapons. His slider and changeup give him four solid pitches that can be used interchangeably. His slight 6-foot-4-inch 195-pound body type gives cause for pause. Injuries, stamina, and control are issues for him, but with a little more seasoning he will be a dominant force for the Rockies.

Using Online Sports Betting Sites To Wager On The 2017 Colorado Rockies

Placing money on the 2017 Colorado Rockies at online sports betting sites is probably one of the easiest things that you can do. There is little hassle to get signed up and the variety of wager types and bets that you can place is unmatched. Once you preview MLB betting the value and savings that can be had at online sports betting sites, you will wonder why you didn’t start using them sooner.

How Depositing Funds On An Online Sports Betting Site Works

Immediately after sign up, most players would be navigated to the cashier and presented with options to make their first deposit. Deposits to online sports betting site can be made several ways, the most popular of which being credit cards, bitcoin, and rapid transfers (Western Union or MoneyGram). Most methods can have your account funded in minutes, but some of the others with higher limits may take a bit longer. However, they can all get you extra free plays through the deposit bonuses offered at nearly every site.

How Can Players Redeem Deposit Bonuses?

Routes to receiving your deposit bonus vary based on the online sportsbook that you choose. Sites like Bovada require you enter promo codes to activate any bonus that you wish to have applied. BetOnline and SportBetting work via an emailing system where you tell them specifically which deposit or reload bonus that you would like to take advantage of. 5Dimes also works their rewards programs using email, but automatically enroll members into its reduced juice program as soon as they sign up. You would have to email the customer service team in order to switch your promotion.

After redeeming your bonus, the money is usually placed in your account within the hour or by the next business day. Players need to understand that in order to fully redeem your deposit bonus, you must first fulfill the rollover requirements stipulated in the terms of your chosen bonus. Rollovers are the number of times that total amount of both your bonus and deposit amounts must be wagered in order to satisfy bonus requirements.

For example, the Bovada 50% up to $250 welcome bonus has a five-time rollover attached to it. If you try to make a withdrawal from your account without betting the full amount of the rollover, you will forfeit the bonus as well as any funds won using the bonus. There is no need to worry, rollovers can be completed with minimal effort. If you make the most of your opportunities, the requirement can be met in as little as one day.

Baseball Odds Explained

After signing up and receiving your bonus, you are ready to wager. The first step is to figure out how much your bet will pay you. That is where the odds come in. The odds, or line, on a bet, tell you how much a particular bet should pay out. In some cases, it will indicate who the favorite is and who the underdog is.

Are American Odds The Only Way To View Odds?

There are three ways in which odds will appear. They are American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds. American odds are all based on a $100 wager whether it be for the favorite or the dog. Plus signs (+) are for the underdog and show how much you can win when you risk $100. Minus symbols (-) depict the odds for the favorite and show how much you must risk for a chance to win $100.

How To Read Decimal Odds

Decimal odds aren’t as clear cut as American odds but are still relatively easy to figure out. Simply multiply the given odds by the expected risk amount to determine your payout. If you see a 2.00 line, then your odds are even because your money will only be doubled. Favorites and underdogs aren’t really factored into decimal odds but can be determined by the value of the odds. Higher numbers represent the underdog as you stand to get paid more for laying money on the team that they are attached to. Conversely, underdogs are valued by lower numbers and the payouts are indicative of that.

Can Fractional Odds Be Read As Easily As American Odds?

In a lot of instances, fractional odds are the easiest to read because all of the information is included in the odds. When reading these types of lines, it is important to remember that they are read from right to left and a zero must be added to the end of each number. The number on the right or bottom (the denominator) is the amount that needs to be risked on a wager. The top number or number on the left (the numerator) gives you what should be your expected payout. Favorites are fractions that equal more than one and those that value less than one would be the underdog.

How Important Are Baseball Trends And Statistics To A Bet?

Following the baseball statistics and trends are what separate novice bettors from those that rake in big bucks. Small and seemingly insignificant factors can play major roles in the demise of a team. Hot pitchers or hot batting lineups, weather changes, venue, and injuries are just a few of the categories that can turn an underdog into a sweet upset pick in a matter of minutes.

Advanced baseball metrics can also either bolster a team’s betting odds or be an indicator of a dumpster fire waiting to happen. WHIP and war are the most overlooked statistics by new baseball bettors but contain information to how a player’s performance is trending. The war, or wins above replacements, is a stat that tracks a player’s effect on winning. Players with big-time stats and low war ratings are probably contributing to subpar teams.

A pitcher’s WHIP or walks plus hits per innings pitched is a stat less popular than ERA in standard situations but is tons more valuable in a wager. In an over/under bet, a pitcher that allows runners on base or in scoring position is a death sentence for those who take the under. The lower the WHIP, the more likely the teams are to cover the under. Of the top 30 WHIP rating by pitchers in the league during the 2015-16 season, the Rockies only had two pitchers on the list – Jon Gray and Chad Bettis.

Bovada Sportsbook

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Bovada’s nearly 20 years of experience make it the best place to wager on the 2017 Colorado Rockies. Bovada’s interface and history as the top-rated sportsbook in the industry are the leading reasons for new players to make this your home for betting baseball. Of all the sites, this is the one that will make it easiest for you to come away with a profit.

Bovada makes it a simple process to go from deposit to bet instantly. All the bets are aligned in easily-read formatting so that players can get to the wagering without jumping through hoops.

You can be sure all wagering and transactions are safe for Colorado Rockies bettors, plus Bovada has some of the quickest payouts in the business.

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