2017 Detroit Tigers Betting Preview

Even if the Tigers don’t make a lot of moves in free agency, they are still expected to compete for a playoff spot in 2017. Miguel Cabrera is one of the most dominant hitters in baseball and Justin Verlander is still one of the best starting pitchers. Adding another high average hitter, and another pitcher that can give you 10+ wins will make this team a real player in the American League. Keep an eye on the Detroit Tigers offseason because they could be involved in some blockbuster trades that could completely change their odds to win the 2017 World Series.

Detroit Tigers 2017 World Series Odds

Bovada gives a glimpse into the 2017 Detroit Tigers betting preview by providing odds going into the winter meetings. As of now, the Tigers odds to win the World Series are +2200 which puts them right in the thick of things in the AL Central. The Tigers finished just three games back from a wild-card spot in the playoffs last season and in 2017, Detroit will be itching to get back to their usual postseason form.

Tigers Odds to Win the Division

As of right now the Detroit Tigers odds to with the AL Central have yet to be posted by the top sportsbooks, but as the season inches closer and closer, those numbers will be rolling in. Make sure to stay on top of it because it’s never a bad idea to catch the betting lines early. In 2016, The Tigers finished second in the division to the eventual World Series runner-up, Cleveland Indians, and just above the 2015 World Series champion, Kansas City Royals. This clearly points to the Tigers being among the American League’s best teams so expect the Tigers chances to win the AL Central to be fairly high once those numbers are released.

2017 Betting Preview for the Detroit Tigers

Tigers Key Additions and Departures

So far there have been no major moves when discussing the Detroit Tigers key additions to their squad going into 2017, but there are a few players that should be on their short list in free agency. Both of their third basemen, Erick Aybar and Casey McGehee, are unlikely to be re-signed so they could be looking for an established replacement like Ian Desmond, or Luis Valbuena. Detroit has a lot of power in their lineup and are solid on defense (only 75 errors in 2015) so they should look for a high average guy to fill that hole.

That being said their bats aren’t their biggest issue. The Tigers offseason priority should be bolstering their pitching rotation as they were towards the bottom of the league in ERA and strikeouts last year. They could be looking to make a big trade to solve this problem. As of now the biggest rumor surrounding the team is whether or not they should trade Justin Verlander. He has been mentioned as possible trade bait, along with Justin Upton, who is the poster boy for boom or bust. While those two could probably fetch the Tigers a pretty penny, the one name that seems to be drawing the most interest is, left-handed reliever, Justin Wilson. Wilson is a hot name right now and could be the necessary sacrifice to help add depth to the Tigers roster. While Wilson would admittedly be a key departure for the Tigers, his trade value is high enough to bring in another key addition in Detroit.

Tigers Farm Prospects to Look Out For in 2017

Matt Manning is the Detroit Tigers top prospect at the moment. At just 18 years old, the righty stands six feet six inches tall and is the 65th ranked prospect in the top 100. Since being drafted 9th overall in 2016, he has had 10 minor league starts and has racked up a 3.99 ERA. Again, he is only 18 so it’s unlikely he will get called up this season. In fact, he isn’t projected to get called up until 2020, but if he continues to improve that date could be moved up.

One more realistic option for the Tigers to call up is Joe Jimenez. Jimenez is a right handed pitcher from Puerto Rico and has been with the Tigers farm club, the Toledo Mud Hens, since 2013. Jimenez is a closer and primarily throws fastballs and sliders, but both pitches are filthy. If you look at his numbers it’s easy to see that he has really dominated in the lower level posting a 1.51 ERA and just a 0.80 WHIP in 2015-16. If Jimenez is brought in, expect his name to be on a short list for 2017 MLB rookie of the year predictions.

How To Bet On The Detroit Tigers At Online Sports Betting Sites

Making a Deposit With Online Sportsbooks

Depositing money at online sportsbooks is incredibly easy. The first step in this process is simply deciding which sportsbook you want to use, then you create an account by providing basic information like your name, and date of birth, choose the deposit method you prefer and you are ready to make wagers. There are quite a few different methods to select from depending on which site you decide to sign up for but some are quicker and require smaller fees than others. While there are some federal laws that put restrictions on the banking side of sportsbooks in regards to sports gambling, the options we have provided are all safe to use.

The Top Sportsbook Deposit Options For Baseball

Credit cards, e-wallets, and rapid transfers are all the most common forms of funding for online gambling sites. Most sites accept MasterCard and VISA but no other cards, though you will occasionally see American Express as an option. E-wallets are completely safe and free to use and are probably the most convenient option you can choose from. They can be used through your mobile device and the most popular e-wallets are things like PayPal, and for you iPhone users, Apple Pay is also a viable option. Finally, rapid transfers are perhaps the most popular of the three options when depositing money at sportsbooks. These are things like MoneyGram and Western Union, which allow higher deposits than most other options.

How To Use Deposit Bonuses

Bonuses are just added incentives for sportsbooks to stand out above their competition. They come in all different sizes and are associated with various features depending on which site you are using. Bonuses are unique to online sportsbooks as live betting options elsewhere do not give players this option. While some may feel that not all bonuses are worth taking, free plays and money are never a bad thing.

To use a deposit bonus, you must first choose the bonus you want to take advantage of. Most sportsbooks offer up welcome bonuses that give you a percentage of your original deposit up to a certain amount of money. What better way to begin your online betting experience than to get free money right off the bat. Speaking of bat, some sportsbooks even offer MLB bonuses that are strictly used for players betting on the MLB. So you Detroit fans out there, check out sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, Sportsbetting.ag, or 5Dimes and you may get a bonus just for wagering on the Tigers. All you have to do to take advantage of these bonuses is enter the promotional code given on the site and the bonus is immediately linked to your account. Keep in mind that these bonuses will come with rollovers and limits but they are still a great opportunity to get off on the right foot when betting on baseball or any other sport.

Reading Baseball Odds

Understanding baseball odds starts with knowing that odds are simply the likelihood of an event happening. So in regards to baseball, it usually pertains to a certain team or player winning. Odds can be read in a few different ways, American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds. American odds are typically used for, you guessed it, American players, but for you overseas players who love the MLB, there are also odds to adhere to your cultures as well. To see exactly how all of these differ and how they work, check out our Reading Baseball Odds section.

Baseball Wager Types Available At Online Sportsbooks

There are quite a few different options when deciding upon wager types for MLB games. Online sportsbooks pride themselves on just how much variety they provide and it all just adds to the player experience. Each different wager type comes with its own stipulations and strategy that makes for a truly unique and enthralling experience.

As far as the actual bets are concerned, you will see a lot of the standard sports bets like moneylines, parlays, over/unders, point spreads, and a whole lot of prop bets but baseball also offers first 5 inning betting, which obviously is strictly used for baseball betting. First, 5 inning bets are for bettors who aren’t too keen on bullpens. It allows you to make sure that the starting pitcher is in control of your wager, without a closer coming in and ruining what you had going.

Understanding Baseball Betting Trends and Statistics

Baseball betting trends and statistics are important to comprehend if you are going to be involved in any preview of MLB online sportsbooks. Before placing a bet, you should understand that statistics are what make the betting line what it is. Things like the pitchers WHIP, a certain players WAR, how many runs the team averages per game, things like that. It’s also beneficial to recognize hit streaks, slumps, and other trends that could change the outcome of a game. Baseball stats and trends like these can make or break a bet so for example, if a team has had trouble throughout the season covering the over on a total bet, and the opposing pitcher has been hot lately, then it’s a smart bet to put money on the under. Numbers rarely lie, so one piece of advice that can’t be stressed enough is bet with your head, not your heart.

Bovada Sportsbook

Best Live in Game + Mobile Baseball Betting

Bovada has perhaps the most recognizable sportsbook available online today. It’s fun, safe, fast, trustworthy, it’s everything that sports bettors look for in a sportsbook. They offer lines on all of your favorite sports, including odds on Major League Baseball. From the daily game schedule to the future lines that include World Series chances for 2017, Bovada makes sure that baseball fans are satisfied with their selection of betting options. Perhaps the biggest draw to Bovada for MLB fans is that they offer 5 inning betting. In today’s baseball, starting pitchers are usually just responsible for the first five to six innings of games. 5 inning bets allow you to bet on the game up until the fifth inning, so that you know exactly who you are betting on, instead of being disappointed by a subpar middle reliever or closer. More and more players have come to the realization that Bovada really is a great sportsbook to get started with so sign up today and win big while betting on the MLB.

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