2017 Kansas City Royals Betting Preview

Coming into the 2017 season, the Royals will be looking to get some of that mojo back that got them a World Series championship just two seasons ago. The betting preview for the Royals 2017 season starts with simply improving their starting lineup and pitching rotation, with homes of getting into the postseason. After a .500 year in 2016, the Royals will be looking to add some help in the pitching and hitting department after a subpar year for both units. Depending on these moves, Kansas City’s World Series Odds could improve as we inch closer to the 2017 baseball season.

Kansas City Royals 2017 World Series Odds

The Royals World Series odds for 2017 are listed at +3300 on Bovada sportsbook and +5000 on Sportsbetting.ag which put them right in the middle of the pack of the MLB. Their odds took a pretty big dip after one of their best players, Kendrys Morales, signed a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays and left Kansas City. To get those odds up, the Royals will need to fill that hole, and some if they want to be considered one of the contenders in the American League.

Royals Odds to Win the Division

If you go to any of the major online sportsbooks right now, you will see that there aren’t any odds as to who will win the AL Central or any other division for that matter. Those numbers have yet to be posted yet but make sure you keep checking because right when they are put up there will be some lines that will be primed and ready to be taken advantage of. Don’t wait too long or you could miss out on some generous early season MLB odds.

2017 Betting Preview for the Kansas City Royals

Royals Key Additions

The 2017 free agency period has begun and as of now, there haven’t been any key additions to the Kansas City Royals via free agency. Granted, we are very early in the offseason but the big name free agency are finding homes quickly. The Royals would be wise to pull the trigger on some guys that they have been eyeballing. They did, however, make a trade in early December that saw them send Wade Davis to the Chicago Cubs and they received Jorge Soler. Soler is a great get for the Royals and his skills in the outfield will provide much needed defensive help immediately, while his bat could also be a welcome contribution.

Kansas City Royals Departures 2017

Already during winter meetings, the Royals have lost DH Kendrys Morales and pitcher Edinson Volquez to free agency. Volquez is by no means a devastating loss as he compiled a 10 and 11 record to go along with a horrific 5.37 ERA and an even more pedestrian 1.55 WHIP. It’s the Morales loss that hurts the Royals significantly. He led the team in home runs and slugging percentage last year. Other than that, the only other pending free agents are pitchers who had sparse playing time so if they aren’t re-signed it won’t be a real hit to the team. As mentioned before, the Royals traded away Wade Davis but it was expected that he would be trade bait this offseason.

Royals Prospects to Look Out For in 2017

Hunter Dozier, the team’s number one farm system player, was called up to the Royals roster in 2016. He played in just 8 games and made 19 plate appearances while hitting .211 and striking out in almost half of his at-bats (8). While just a limited sample size, Dozier didn’t leave much reason to believe he was ready to compete for a starting job on this team. Maybe a full offseason is just what he needed to get it going.

With Dozier already having been called up, the new number one prospect for the Kansas City Royals is Jorge Bonifacio. He is an outfielder from the Dominican Republic and is scheduled to be brought up to the Royals in 2017. He could be a welcomed addition and at worst will make for solid competition in right field, which is a hole the Royals are desperate to fill.

Royals Top 5 Prospects

Hunter Dozier: Dozier played mostly third base in the minors but has the skill to play multiple positions. He was called up towards the end of last season and will be looking to compete for a spot in the lineup in 2017.

Jorge Bonifacio: An outfielder with good power in his bat, Bonifacio is likely to be brought up in 2017 and could add a home run threat to a Royals team that was 27th in the majors in that category in 2016.

Matt Strahm: Strahm is a left-handed pitcher with the size and potential to be a starter in the Royals rotation. He made his first big league appearance in 2016 and by season's end, he had tallied a 2 and 2 record with a 1.23 ERA and a WHIP just over 1.

Miguel Almonte: Almonte is a 23-year-old right-handed pitcher with a chance to get called up as a reliever for the Royals in 2017. He’s been in their farm system since 2010 and the Royals are starting to feel good about where he’s at.

Kyle Zimmer: Another right-handed pitcher, Kyle Zimmer is another player to look out for in 2017. He has some serious heat on his fastball and a downright filthy curveball. Zimmer is imposing on the mound at 6 foot 3, 225 pounds and 2016 could be the year that the former fifth overall pick gets called up.

How To Bet On The Kansas City Royals At Online Sportsbooks

Making Your First Baseball Betting Deposit Is Easy

Making your first baseball betting deposit is easy. The first thing you should understand is the deposit types that are available to you. Online sportsbooks accept major credit cards like MasterCard and Visa but those can be risky at times because banks may not accept that form of payment. Other options include money transfers, person to person or bank wires, rapid transfers, bitcoin and even a check through the mail. It all is subject to what deposit method you choose, but after you have decided, your account will be funded and ready to go. All of these methods come with their own fees and wait times that can all be found on the deposits page.

Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses and How To Use Them

Deposit bonuses at sportsbooks are one of the main reasons that people sign up for them. Free money is never a bad thing so most of the time the bonuses are absolutely worth taking advantage of. The reason I say “most of the time” is because there are negatives to bonuses as well. You know the expression “nothing is free in life” well that’s the case for deposit bonuses as well and sometimes the rollovers and requirements aren’t worth it, but for the most part they are very fair and beneficial. Rollovers simply add a limit requirement and force players to wager your entire deposit as well as the bonus amount before you can get your payout.

Risk-free bonuses are also available at some sportsbooks. These types of promotions credit a player’s account just for trying their site for the first time. So it’s risk-free in that, if you lose your first bet, the sportsbook will credit the amount of your loss to your account. This bonus usually comes with its own rollovers as well but they usually only rollover the free plays. Players that don’t want to go through the rollover process should keep an eye out for reduced juice bonuses as they don’t come with anything like that.

Best Deposit Methods When Betting on Baseball

Bitcoin – Bitcoin is one of the newer available forms of depositing but it has quickly become one of the most popular methods. Bitcoin funds your account quickly and is 100% safe to use. For those of you unaware of what Bitcoin is, it’s simply a form of currency that is produced digitally and operates independently, as opposed to using big banks. You simply enter the amount of money you want to put in your account and within just a couple of minutes (maybe less) your money will be available through Bitcoin.

Checks – This may seem like an outdated form of depositing your money but all in all, check deposits are the most reliable method of funding your sportsbook account. Typically high rollers will use checks as they can deposit more money through them as opposed to the other methods.

Credit Cards/Prepaid Cards – Using plastic is one of the quickest and simple ways to deposit money into your sportsbook account that you will find available. Prepaid cards work just like credit cards but without the risk of them being declined. Credit cards can sometimes not be accepted by your bank so if you run into that problem, just use a prepaid card. You can find prepaid cards all over the place and depositing is as simple as entering the card information on the deposits page.

Understanding Baseball Betting Trends And Statistics

Keeping track and staying updated on the latest betting trends in baseball is a really important aspect of betting on sports online here at MLBPreview.com. Placing wagers is all about making well informed, and educated bets based off of trending statistics and yes it also requires a little bit of luck too. While the basic baseball stats like home runs, ERA, walks, RBI’s, and wins are all useful numbers, it’s the sabermetrics stats that tell the whole story.

Sabermetrics were invented by Bill James and is the “search of objective knowledge about baseball”. They provide extremely detailed baseball statistics that can really help you make a more definitive answer on who you want to bet on this week. They provide stats like WHIP, which is Walks & Hits Per Innings Pitched, and WAR, which stands for Wins Above Replacement and shows a batter's contribution to their team in one stat. Stats like these are much more in depth and are far more indicative of a players success than simply looking at a players ERA or batting average.

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