MLB Betting Preview For The 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers

The betting preview 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers fans have been waiting for has arrived. If there was any team from last season that is poised to take a step forward, The Blue Crew would be them. Last season, the league’s highest payroll won their fourth straight NL West with a 91-71 record and had the rookie of the year in Corey Seager. Expect more of the same success as through winter talks the team has re-signed all of its key free agents and only has one area that still needs to be addressed before the season begins.

This 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers betting preview will list all of the things that make the team a near lock as a World Series contender. We will also inform you of some of the things to look out for before going to a sports betting site and laying money down on the team. This list will include team odds, key additions and departures, and general information about how to bet on the 2017 Dodgers.

Can The Los Angeles Betting Odds To Win The 2017 World Series Be A Winner?

The +1400 betting odds for the Dodgers to win the 2017 World Series on Bovada, fifth overall, are as clear a message as any: this team is for real. Other online sportsbooks are also in line with that thinking. BetOnline has the team tied for fourth with +1100 betting odds, and 5Dimes list them with a +1500 line, pegging them with the sixth best odds. These odds are going to change based on all the moves made during free agency which means with their next signing, the team can jump into the top three.

What Are The Odds Of The 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers Repeating As NL West Champions?

Although the Dodgers odds to win the National League West have yet to be posted, their odds to win the World Series are in lockstep with one of their divisional foes, the San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers have won four consecutive division crowns, but with the Giants addressing their need for a closer this free agency appears to have significantly closed the talent gap. However, until the Giants are able to show that their offseason moves are as impactful as anticipated, Los Angeles is still the king of the NL West.

2017 Betting Preview for the Los Angeles Dodgers

What Offseason Addition Will Help The Dodgers Most?

We aren’t sure if re-signing your own free agents qualifies, but those were the best moves that could have been made by the team. Bringing back closer Rich Hill, Kenley Jansen and third baseman Justin Turner keeps the same group of players from the past few years together. For better or worse this roster has consistently performed well during the regular season but has come up short in its bid for a title.

The departure of Chase Utley leaves the team with a hole at second base. Potential trades could be made for several players that fit the mold of what L.A. wants to do. Names on the short list are Brian Dozier of the Twins, Ian Kinsler of the Tigers, and Brandon Phillips of the Reds. Phillips would have to waive the no-trade clause in his contract to get to the team, but it has been reported that he is willing to do just that.

Did The 2017 Dodgers Lose Any Players In Free Agency?

Losing Josh Reddick to Houston may pose a few problems considering not very many experience outfielders with his hitting ability are left on the market. The Dodger still have a stable of capable bodies to trot out every night, even if Yasiel Puig might not be amongst them. Scott Van Slyke and Andre Either will be the primary starters but expect to see Puig and Trayce Thompson get some time. Chase Utley leaving in free agency will have the biggest impact. Maybe not on the field as much as in the locker room, because he is 37-years-old, but veteran leadership of that caliber is hard to duplicate.

2017 Los Angeles Dodgers Prospects Ready To Produce

The Dodgers have one of the most talented and well-managed farm systems in the league. They also have someone that should have pretty good odds to win 2017 rookie of the year in Jose De Leon. The 24-year-old right-handed pitcher from Puerto Rico spent the majority of last season dominating triple-A ball in OKC, going 7-1 with a 2.61 ERA and 0.94 WHIP. He had a brief stint in the big leagues where he racked up a 2-0 record in four starts. In 17 innings pitched he allowed 19 hits and 5 homeruns but managed to also get 15 strikeouts. His play improved with every game, but it is clear that his control and strength must improve for him to last. He has the potential of a number one frontline starter because of his lively fastball, low slider, and a vastly improved changeup. De Leon is a name that will be heard around the MLB for years.

Multiple teams have tried to poach lefty Julio Urias from the Dodgers unsuccessfully. The 20-year-old made his major league debut in 2016, playing 18 games with 15 starts. He accrued a 5-2 record with a 3.39 ERA and 84 strikeouts in 77 innings of work. Urias cycles through three pitches – a high 90s fastball, a curveball with a sharp break and a serviceable changeup. His best quality is his strong control on the mound. Each of his pitches can be thrown at any speed on both sides of the strike zone. Expect De Leon and Urias to be the righty-lefty pitching duo for the Dodgers for the foreseeable future.

Ways To Wager On The 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers At An Online Sports Betting Sites

There are several ways to bet on the 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers at an online sports betting site. First five-inning bets are popular because they simplify what it is that bettors should look for. Runlines are the equivalent to a baseball spread bet. The line is almost always set at 1.5 meaning wagers rarely end in a push, but baseball over/unders are extremely difficult to predict with the number of details that must be accounted for. There are many more options and wager types to be explored, join one of the online sportsbooks to find which one fits you.

Are Bitcoin Deposits The Best Method For High Rollers On A Sports Betting Site?

Of every potential deposit method that you may run across, bitcoin has the best mix of processing speed and limit flexibility. Bitcoin deposits process instantly and show up in your account within minutes of the transaction being completed. The online currency also gives players the freedom to fund your account slowly, or for the high-rollers, deposit up to $5,000 once per week. The higher limits mean bigger wagers and bigger payouts. You stand a chance to add even more when you pair a large deposit with a large deposit bonus.

What is The Most Someone Can Earn Using A Deposit Bonus?

The amount a player receives from a deposit bonus is contingent on the selected bonus and deposit amount. Each sportsbook gives a percentage of your total deposit back in the form of free plays, but figuring out how to get the most bang for your buck is up to you. Sports betting sites like offer a 75% match bonus up to $1,000 on your initial deposit. This means that the first time you fund your new account SportsBetting will match 75% of what you just deposited automatically. This is just one example. Search through some of the welcome bonuses and find the one that fits the style of wagering you want to do.

The Art Of Reading Baseball Odds For 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers

Maybe it is a bit of a reach to call reading odds an art. It is actually pretty simple to understand odds once you see their only purpose is to let you know your expected payout. The three ways in which odds are displayed, American, fractional, and decimal, each present the same information in a different format. As long as you know what to look for then you will be fine.

American odds are the most commonly used and easiest to read in our opinion. They are presented as positive and negative numbers (+ or -) that show bettors who are the favorite or underdog. Negative numbers are the favorites. They show how much you will win based on a $100. For example, -350 odds mean if you place $100 on a winning team then you will be paid out $450 ($350 + $100 originally wagered). Positive numbers are the underdog and represent how much you would need to risk in order to win $100. A wager with +250 odds would require $250 to be bet for a chance to win $350 ($100 + $250 originally wagered).

Decimal odds can be understood using basic math. Simply multiply the given odds by the risked amount to get your expected payouts. If you are given a 6.5 line on a $100 bet, your potential payout will be $650 because 6.5 x 100 = 650. The only time where the math won’t be necessary is when you have even odds because your payment will only double. Even decimal odds are always shown as 2.00.

In order to read fractional odds players must remember to go from right to left. The denominator, or number on the right, is the required risk amount and the numerator, or number on the left, shows how much you should be paid on a winning bet. First, you must add a zero to the value on each side. So, 11/10 becomes 110/100 and means if you place a $100 winning wager your payout will be $210 ($110 + $100 risked amount).

Baseball Betting Trends And Statistics That Should Be Tracked?

In all honesty, just about every baseball trend and statistic we cover at MLB Preview should be tracked if you hope to achieve success at an online sports betting sites. There are several seemingly irrelevant stats that can be applied to just about any wager most of which involve pitching tendencies. The most popular pitching metrics are ERA and strikeouts, but there are other stats that have a greater impact on the outcome of wagers than those two.

WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) is one of those statistics. When judging a pitcher, their ERA can be affected by several things that are out of their control. The WHIP is a better measurement of how their pitches are impacting the game’s outcome because it calculates how many how many people are getting on base as a result of someone’s pitching. Players with higher WHIPs are susceptible to giving up more runs leaving their team vulnerable to losses and more prone to covering the over on the day that pitcher pitches. Other metrics may provide better results. Experiment with different stats to see which work best for you.

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