2017 Milwaukee Brewers Betting Preview

The Milwaukee Brewers 2017 betting preview is a mystery to us all considering the roster is in shambles. The team is in full rebuild mode with the last player needing to be dealt being Ryan Braun to complete the process. Their 73-89 record landed them in the fourth spot in the National League Central at the end of the 2016 season. That alone could be an entire article of why not to lay money down on the team, but we have a different approach. Instead, this betting preview for the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers will look at what types of bets you should make on the team.

We will analyze the composition of the roster and circumstances that can lead to successful wagers on the Brewers. This will include the offseason moves and baseball trends that can lead to sneaky good bets. We will also describe the best online sports betting site to place these wagers. This betting preview will have all of the information you need to place a solid bet on the Milwaukee Brewers in 2017.

Milwaukee Brewers 2017 World Series Betting Odds

The Milwaukee Brewers odds to win the 2017 World Series are amongst the worst in the majors at all three sports betting sites. Bovada has them listed with +10000, BetOnline gives them a +20000 line, and 5Dimes has them at +17500. This is a direct result of the rebuilding process that is in full swing in Milwaukee right now. The team has traded every major asset outside of Ryan Braun in an attempt to get the club heading in the right direction.

Odds To Win The 2017 NL Central For Milwaukee Brewers

The odds to win the 2017 NL Central for the Milwaukee Brewers will be comparable to the odds to win the World Series. In other words, not very good. The team they finished ahead of in the division last season, the Cincinnati Reds, now have the same odds to win the whole thing as Brewers at +10000 on Bovada. There are several issues that should be attended to on the roster before seriously considering this team as a divisional threat to the Cubs.

2017 Betting Preview for the Milwaukee Brewers

Who Are The 2017 Key Additions For The Milwaukee Brewers?

The biggest additions to the team have been first baseman Eric Thames and third baseman Travis Shaw. These two should slot in as starters in the infield corners on opening day. Thames will attempt to replace Chris Carter, who hit a National league-leading 41 home runs last season. This will be an attempt at redemption for Thames who has spent the past two seasons in Korea. He won the MVP and a golden glove in 2015, hitting 40 homers in each of the past two seasons. There are questions about whether he can be an everyday starter, but for a team in desperate need of a big bat, he fits the bill.

Shaw might prove to be the diamond in the rough for this team. His stats might not be the most eye-popping numbers you’ve ever seen, but he is solid all around. The change in scenery will also be good for him. Fenway is a notorious infuriating park for lefty batters, but that is not the case at Miller’s Park. In fact, it is the friendliest lefty hitting park in the league. Expect a jump in numbers from Shaw because of venue and more opportunities as a result of being an everyday starter.

Any other key additions to the roster will come via a Ryan Braun trade. Miller’s Park isn’t a hotbed for free agents, making this rebuilding team an even more unlikely pick for any impact player to voluntarily sign here. However, the team can build a young core around the players they get in a trade. Braun’s on-field production over the past couple of seasons cannot be questioned. Still, his value is not what it once was because of the distractions that can come with his presence in a locker room. If another team has enough faith in Braun to not fail any more drug test and pull the trigger, the Brewers will get a haul in return.

2017 Milwaukee Brewers Key Departures

Of all of their moves, trading away Jonathan Lucroy was the most unpopular and could have the biggest on-field consequences. That’s not to say that Will Smith and Jeremy Jeffress won’t be missed, but Lucroy was an All-Star in 2016 with 24 homers. He was traded during the break but was having arguably his best season in the majors. It came as a surprise to some because he was the team’s top catcher, but not to those who expected the Brew Crew to continue with its massive rebuild. The trade brought back Lewis Brinson, a talented outfield prospect who will be discussed later.

One departure that could be on the horizon is that of former MVP Ryan Braun. The club can speed up its rebuilding timeline with the assets it can receive by trading Braun. The problem is that his suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs in 2011 has impacted his trade value. Teams are wary of giving up prospects and other impact players in fear of another suspension, despite Braun’s tear on offense the past two seasons. Braun has hit 55 home runs and has 40 stolen bases since the beginning of 2015, but is still owed $76 million over the next four years.

Top Prospects For The Milwaukee Brewers In 2017

Lewis Brinson is the top overall prospect in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system. Brinson is described as an elite defensive center fielder. He isn’t considered a major presence at the plate but will gain power with more at-bats in the big leagues. What he does have naturally is speed, arm strength, and instincts. While he will slot as a center fielder, Brinson can play all three outfield positions. If he can improve his pitch selection when he is up to bat and avoid injuries, Brinson will be a future nightmare for opposing teams.

The team’s top pitching prospect is lefty Josh Hader. While Hader is a lock to be an above-average relief pitcher, he has shown flashes of being a starting-caliber pitcher. A consistent 94-98 mph fastball in his arsenal has high strikeout potential. Add that to his slider and a sometimes confusing crossfire motion and the Brewers will have something to build on. Aside from those select few positives, Hader has quite a bit of work to do before he can be called up. His control could use some work, as can his changeup. If he can develop a decent off-speed pitch, he could be a serious gem for the team.

Betting On The Milwaukee Brewers At Online Sports Betting Sites

How To Make A Deposit On A Sports Betting Site

Before getting to the money-winning part of the bet, you have to first put the money into an account. Making deposits at online sports betting sites is a simple enough process that requires little to no effort on the part of the player. Each site list several options for deposit methods that have unique requirements and limits. The most popular, and most commonly used, form of deposit is via credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are generally accepted at all bookmaking websites as forms of deposits. Some sites charge a percentage of your deposit as a fee for using a credit card. Bovada, for example, charges Visa users a 4.9% fee on all deposits and a 6.9% fee on any other card type. Check each sportsbook to see which gives you the best rate on your card.

Bitcoin is growing in popularity amongst sports bettors because of the higher deposit limits and the fact that no fees are attached to the online currency when funding your account. Bitcoin transactions process immediately and can often be seen in your account within minutes. Another advantage to using bitcoin is that the higher limits allow for players to earn more using deposit bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses And How To Use Them

Deposit bonuses are essentially a sportsbook way of saying thank you for choosing our sports betting site. A portion of your deposit is added to your account based on the promotion you choose to take advantage of. These may vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but they all give you more bang for your buck. Some bonuses, like the 25% for life bonus at BetOnline, are good throughout the entire term of your membership and on every valid deposit. Others, like the welcome bonuses that are advertised, are one-time deals.

Make sure to read all of the rules to your chosen bonus, especially the rollover requirement. Rollovers are a part of every wager and are the number of times you must wager the total amount of your deposit and bonus amount. Baseball is a sport that has more games than most people can wager on, covering the rollover will be a breeze for anyone who wagers regularly.

How To Read Baseball Odds For 2017 Milwaukee Brewers

Odds have the job of letting players know how much their bet should pay out. No matter what form they may take, they still serve the same purpose. There are three ways in which odds can be presented, American odds, decimal odds, and fractional odds. By learning to read each type, players are less likely to be caught off guard when venturing to other books for better lines.

American Odds show how much you stand to make using positive and negative signs (+/-). Negative numbers represent the favorites and positive signs show the underdogs for a particular wager. Each one is based on the terms of a $100 bet. A wager on the favorite shows how much you will have to wager in order to win $100. A bet on the underdog shows how much you can win by placing $100 on a bet.

Decimal Odds are also pretty simple to figure out. Just multiply the given set of odds by the risk amount to determine your payout. There is no real way to say who the favorites or underdogs are unless you calculate both payouts, in which case the lower number would be the favorite. For these wagers, even odds are shown as 2.00 because you money doubles. Aside from that, changing these odds over should be easy.

Fractional Odds are read from right to left. Add a zero onto both numbers then use the digit on the right at your risk amount and the one on the left as your expected payout. If a fraction has a value of more than one then it will be considered the underdog. Anything less than one can be viewed as the favorite.

What Wager Types Are Available On 2017 Milwaukee Brewers Bets?

Baseball wagers are unique in the way that they give you a way to eliminate undesired risk to a degree. First-five innings wagers practically eliminate the pitfalls that come with relying on the bullpen. This is a major plus for Milwaukee Brewers fans because they had one of the worst reliever rotations in baseball before entering the 2017 season. These types of bets are the same as moneyline bets but only account for the first five innings of a game.

In addition to first five inning wagers, players can also play the runline, parlays, prop bets, futures, and grand salamis. Each of these can present multiple opportunities to add to your bankroll in new and exciting ways. As long as you research your bets properly before laying down your money, even bets on the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers can be profitable.

Betting Trends And Statistics Make Your Bets More Accurate

There is little doubt that nearly every baseball statistic is relevant when previewing Major League Baseball. Their value is amplified when money is involved. However, despite all of the numbers, multiple things that can go under the radar can be the difference in the outcome of a baseball game. The biggest two are weather and venue. When making a wager on the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers, these two things can turn the tide of your entire bet.

Weather is out of the control of players and managers. Rain delays are a pain for everyone. There are parts the weather report that can directly put your money in jeopardy if you are not aware of them beforehand. Wind speeds are the biggest culprit as they can turn a double into a home run depending on the strength and direction of the wind. Something this small can add an extra run onto any game and ruin your runline wager.

The venue of a game is another underrated factor in bets. Hitter-friendly parks are always a nice way to add extra insurance if you are taking the “over” in a wager. You know who has one of the most hitter-friendly parks in the MLB? You guessed it, the Milwaukee Brewers. All left-handed batters lick their chops when Miller Park is on the schedule. Everything about the right side of the field screams long ball. The fact that the right-field wall is only six feet high doesn’t help either.

Other statistics like ERA, WHIP, batting average, and OPS also play big roles in betting trends. These are the more common things that players will look for before making a wager, but still extremely useful. The more research you do for each game, the better your chances of coming out on the winning side of a bet.

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