2017 New York Yankees Betting Preview

After a post-season less prior season, the Yankees will be looking to get back into their usual playoff form in 2017. The Yankees made one of the biggest moves in the early offseason by resigning Aroldis Chapman, and this could be the first of a long series of acquisitions throughout the season. The Yankees are notorious for having one of the largest payrolls of any Major League Baseball team, giving them the financial flexibility to procure more big names on the market. Even if GM Brian Cashman does not want to spend an exorbitant amount to acquire new starters, he can look to the farm for some of the top talents in minor league baseball. The New York Yankees betting preview for 2017 shows changes to the starting rotation with the exit of several key players, and also a few relievers to the bullpen. As the season gets underway, you will want to stay up-to-date on the latest betting odds for the New York Yankees. Our page will give you all the information you need to bet on the Yankees, including betting lines, odds, and player insights.

2017 World Series Odds for the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees may not have made it to the playoffs last season, but that only gives them more motivation this coming year. The club has 27 World Series championships under their belts, and it has been seven years since their win against the Philadelphia Phillies. The current odds for the New York Yankees to win the 2017 World Series are +1400 at Bovada.

2017 Betting Preview for the New York Yankees

Key Additions To The Yankees For 2017

Aroldis Chapman - The contract to resign reliever Aroldis Chapman was the largest in baseball history, with the pitcher signing an $86 million, 5-year deal with the Yankees. The most recent season saw Chapman with a 1.55 ERA, 36 saves, and 90 strikeouts in 58 innings while playing for the Cubs and Yankees. He also threw 104MPH 26 times during the season- a feat that no other pitcher was able to match.

Matt Holliday - The slugger signed a $13 million deal for the 2017 season and will take the role of designated hitter. While with St. Louis, Holliday hit .246/.322/.461 and had 20 home runs with 426 plate appearances. During the majority of his career Holliday has been a left fielder, though he is expected to excel in his DH position with the Yankees.

Key Yankees Departures for 2017

Mark Teixeira - A switch-hitter with some of the most impressive stats in the industry. He has 400 doubles and 400 home runs on his record, making him one of four switch-hitters to ever do so. The .246/.322/.461 hitter is also a three-time All-Star and is ranked fourth in slugging percentage .511 in all-time rankings. Teixeira announced his retirement during the regular season, which will end his 14 year MLB career.

Alex Rodriguez - A 12-year veteran of the NY Yankees, Alex Rodriguez’s career totals are astounding. With 696 homers, 3,114 hits, 2,021 runs, 2,084 RBIs, and a .297 batting average over his 22-year career, Rodriguez is one of the greatest players in the history of Major League Baseball. The release and retirement of the designated hitter may signal the end of his MLB career, but he will be joining the Yankees in an advisory capacity.

Brian McCann - The catcher was sent to Houston in return for two pitchers, Albert Abreu and Jorge Guzman. The Yankees veteran went .242 with 58 RBIs and 20 home runs during the most recent season. He is one of only two players to hit more than 20 homers in each of the last nice seasons. The seven-time All-Star has hit a total of 245 home runs in his baseball career.

2017 Prospects for The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have one of the most highly graded farm systems in Major League Baseball, with an abundance of talent just waiting to move up the ranks. Seven of MLB’s top 100 prospects are included in the system, each showcasing exceptional performance and undeniable potential for the majors. Gleyber Torres, SS, was acquired in the initial Chapman deal that sent the star to the Cubs and had an excellent season. He hit .270/.354/.421 at High-A level with 11 home runs, 58 walks, and 29 doubles. Another name to look out for is Clint Frazier, OF, who is rated as the #1 prospect in the Yankees system. Frazier hit .263/.335/.447 while in Double-A and Triple-A and managed 122 strikeouts in 463 at-bats. Rounding out the top three is Blake Rutherford, OF, who hit .351/.415/.570 and also made it on Baseball America’s top prospect list. Rutherford’s potential is in his versatility, being able to power hit, possess an above-average bat, and also play center. Other prospects to keep an eye out for are Chance Adams, Aaron Judge, and Dustin Fowler, who are all top 10 prospects for the Yankees.

How To Bet On The New York Yankees At Online Sports Betting Sites

There is nothing more exciting than putting money on the New York Yankees and seeing it pay off. The best part is that you do not have to travel to Vegas to bet on the Bronx Bombers, you can do it from the comfort of your living room. Online sports betting sites make it possible for bettors to watch the most highly anticipated matchups via live streaming and place wagers on various aspects of the game. Whether it be the outright winner of the game or a prop bet during the 5th inning, online sportsbooks have all the betting action you need. All you need to do is register for a free membership at a top MLB sportsbook such as 5Dimes or BetOnline. From there, you will be granted access to the latest MLB betting lines, odds, and even team insights. It only takes 5 minutes to create your account and you can sign up from your laptop or do it all from your smartphone. Just put money on your account and you can start betting on the odds to win the AL East title, or if the game will go extra innings. Betting on the New York Yankees has never been easier!

Making Your First Baseball Betting Deposit

Making your first baseball deposit is as simple as choosing a deposit method and clicking “Submit”. Online sportsbooks offer numerous deposit methods to ensure that there are convenient options for all bettors. All you need to do is pull up your account and visit the cashiering section. There you will see various options, such as bank wires, checks, Money Gram, and the most popular deposit method, credit cards. When you make your selection, the site will specify the deposit minimum and maximum limits. For example, bank wires are best for large baseball deposits because you can deposit more than $20,000 per transaction, and checks are also a high maximum method though they are not as expedient. You can always verify processing speeds by reading the help section or chatting with customer service. Any transaction fees will also be waived with an initial deposit, which means every dollar that you deposit will go toward betting on baseball. The majority of deposit methods will be credited to your account instantly, like Visa, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Neteller. During the initial deposit stage, you can also enter promotional codes that you may have saved. Sportsbooks care about keeping all of your personal and financial information safe, so you may be asked to submit verification documents to secure your account. This is a one-time process that protects your account during future banking activities.

Best Deposit Methods For Baseball Bettors

The top priority of any baseball bettor is to use the most expedient and reliable deposit method possible. The Yankees play 162 games per regular season, which means that you will want to keep a balance in your online sportsbook account. The best deposit methods for baseball bettors are credit card deposits and Bitcoin. Most sportsbooks accept major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. There may be a small transaction fee that ranges from 4% to 6.9%, but the convenience is unbeatable. The minimum credit card deposit will be as low as $20 and the maximum will be around $5,000 or more. Entering in your card credit card number and the expiration date is a process that bettors are already familiar with, making this a very popular deposit option.

Bitcoin is peer-to-peer payment system that is becoming more and more popular amongst sports bettors. The currency can be used at major online sportsbooks and other online merchants. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet set up, all you need to do is use the wallet address provided by the sportsbook to transfer funds. Your account is credited instantly after the transaction is processed. With a minimum of just $20 and a maximum of at least $5,000, Bitcoin is a great option no matter how low or high your desired deposit amount. You can also make multiple Bitcoin requests per week in many instances, which means you never have to go a long period before being eligible to reload your account.

The Basics of Deposit Bonuses and How To Use Them

The majority of online sports books will offer new members additional funds on top of their initial deposit as an incentive to create an account. The bonus will give betters a certain percentage of their money back and can be put toward any bet in the sports book. Deposit bonuses can be very beneficial, but there are terms and conditions that MLB bettors should be mindful of. The basic components of deposit bonuses include a match percentage, a rollover requirement, and a specified distribution schedule. The deposit bonus will often times give betters a certain percentage back of the deposit that they make, up to a limit. For example, the Bovada Welcome Bonus will match the initial deposit by 50%, up to $250. You can shop around for larger deposit bonuses, like BetOnline’s bonus that also matches deposits by 50%, but will go up to $2,500. It is important to remember that a larger bonus does not necessarily mean a better bonus. The more that the sports betting site credits to your account, the higher the rollover requirement will be. The rollover requirement it how many times you must wager the bonus and initial deposit amount before being eligible for a withdrawal. While Bovada’s $250 bonus only has a five-time requirement, the bonus at BetOnline must be wagered ten times. Another aspect to be mindful of is that you may have to wait 30 days before requesting a payout should you choose to redeem a bonus. The final aspect of deposit bonuses to be aware of is that while most reward funds will be instantly credited to your account, there are some bonuses that are incrementally distributed. Sportsbetting will credit up to $1,000 instantly into your account with their 75% Welcome Bonus, while the 5Dimes 50% Plus New Player Reward will credit up to $520 but spread out in 10% increments.

Baseball bettors tend to bet more frequently than enthusiasts of other sports, making it no hassle to meet the rollover requirements attached to bonuses. Knowing beforehand how long it will take for the bonus to be applied will help you plan your bet amounts out accordingly. Deposit bonuses are also some of the most valuable promotions that sports books provide since the amount will often be higher than any other rewards offered. Understanding how to use a deposit bonus makes choosing the best promotion that much simpler.

How To Read Baseball Odds

Baseball odds come in a few different shapes and sizes, but understanding how to read baseball odds is beneficial to all bettors. This is especially true because as you shop lines you will see that the odds may be written differently from book to book. The three formats for baseball betting odds are American, fractional, and decimal.

American odds will be found in sportsbooks that cater to those in North America. The odds will feature a number that has either a (-) to represent the favorite, or a (+) to represent the underdog. Depending on which side you pick, the symbol will also denote how much you must risk to win a certain amount. In the example below, betting on the favored New York Yankees would mean you have to risk $153 to win $100, while betting on the underdog Rays would require $100 risk to win $138.

Fractional odds are displayed in a win/risk ratio. If your odds are 14/1 for the Yankees to win the World series, that means that with a $100 stake you can win $1,400. If you want to determine which team is the favorite, then look for odds <1. If the odds are >1 then the team is listed as the underdog.

Decimal odds are quite simple because you calculate your entire return with simple multiplication. Let’s take the Yankees World Series odds posted at 14.00. By multiplying the odds 14.00 X $100, you will see that your return will be $1,400 on a winning bet. A helpful tip is that odds less than 2.0 mean you have to risk more than you will win, while odds above 2.0 indicate that your winnings will be more than you risked. For example, 1.07 decimal odds would mean you have to risk $1,400 to win $100.

Baseball Wager Types Available At Online Sportsbooks

With so many different baseball wager types available, we can guarantee that you will never get bored when you start betting at an online sportsbook. Recognizing which type of wager can potentially bring the most profit is a key element of every successful betting strategy. Baseball has quite a few different wagering types, all of which are useful once you understand the basics. The bet types that every online sportsbook will feature include moneylines, run lines, totals, and 5-inning lines. The most basic type of baseball bet is the money line bet, where you wager on the outright winner of the game. The run line is quite similar, except a point spread of 1.5 is attached to either side. The underdog (+1.5) would have to lose by 1 run or win the game, while the favorite (-1.5) would need to win by 2 runs. A totals bet is also known as the over/under and involves betting on whether the game will go over or under a total amount of runs. 5-inning lines are exclusive to baseball betting and offer the unique benefit of only taking the first five innings into consideration rather than the full nine. This is advantageous because bettors do not have to take an unpredictable bullpen into consideration.

Understanding Baseball Betting Trends And Statistics

Baseball trends and statistics are important when previewing MLB for the best overall betting strategy. Though statistics are constantly changing and evolving, there are a few key stats that baseball bettors can always rely on to make the most informed bets. The handicapping methods will differ depending on if you are just analyzing starting pitchers or the team as a whole, but we will walk you through the most important MLB information to know.

When it comes to starting pitchers, the ERA and WHIP have historically been the most common areas reviewed. This makes sense being that the number of runs a pitcher allows can have a huge effect on both the outright winner and the over/under for a totals bet. That being said, xFIP (adjusted Fielding Independent Pitching) is a newer statistic that can be more telling than these two factors alone. The metric tries to eliminate factors that the pitcher cannot control in order to measure exactly what is getting hit. A sportsbook will value a pitcher with good xFIP numbers much higher than one with lower numbers. K/9 rates which are strikeouts per nine innings are also a useful tool because oddsmakers prefer and put more value in pitchers that have at least one strikeout per inning. The team’s OBP (on base percentage) will let you know a team’s ability to get runners on the plates. Logic says that the more players on base, the more opportunities to score runs, so this statistic can be helpful in gauging a team’s run potential. Average runs scored is a standard number to look at and can be determined by dividing the total runs by the number of games that have been played.

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