2017 Oakland A's Betting Preview

The Oakland Athletics’ betting preview for 2017 isn’t exactly a pretty picture. The team has struggled over the past few seasons, and until they get some major help in the outfield, bullpen, and batting, they’ll more than likely continue to struggle for the foreseeable future. The A’s have dealt out quite a few minor league contracts with several players, hoping to shore up their farm system while working through free agency to fix some of the gaping holes that face the team right now. The team was hit hard by injuries last season, especially after losing Mark Canha to a hip injury. One of the good points for the 2017 season is that he should be back to relatively full health. This Oakland A’s betting preview will go over all of the key additions and departures for the 2017 season, their Division and World Series odds, and even some basics on how to bet on the Oakland A’s.

2017 Oakland A’s World Series Betting Odds

The Oakland A’s odds to win the 2017 World Series are set at +10000, ranking them among the bottom five teams in the league. The A’s have had a rough couple of years and their 2017 World Series betting odds reflect that. Right now, Oakland’s main focus will have to be on building up their team. Once they’ve fixed some of the major problems that have been plaguing them, maybe then they’ll see an improvement in their betting odds. Until then, though, this probably isn’t the best team to back for the 2017 Title.

A’s Odds To Win The Division

The Oakland Athletics’ chance to win the AL West haven’t been determined yet, but when they are released, don’t be surprised if they aren’t very good. After finishing last season with one of the worst records in the entire league and dead last in the division, the A’s have a long way to go before they are going to be competitive within their division again. Oakland needs to focus on rebuilding a shoddy pitching rotation and shoring up their outfield. Once they do that, they should be able to compete with top teams in their division, like the Rangers. Until then, the A’s odds to win the division will remain a longshot at best.

2017 Betting Preview for the Oakland Athletics

Key Additions for 2017

The Oakland A’s addressed some of their needs with offseason acquisitions, but many of them were signed to the minors. There’s still a pretty good free agent market for outfielders, so they may be able to pick up a few more choice players before spring training gets underway. Matt Joyce is probably the most key addition for 2017 that the A’s have made thus far. He was added to the roster late in November. He’s coming off of a .242/.403/.463 season and will be a good addition to the outfield, although his batting needs some work, especially against lefties. Whether the A’s will have any more key additions for 2017 is yet to be determined, but keep checking here for all of the latest news.

Key Departures for 2017

Fortunately, the roster the A’s had last season is still pretty much intact. Unfortunately, it was a roster that went 29th overall in many defensive and offensive categories. In a league with only thirty teams, that’s a big problem. Another big problem was in-house squabbles. The A’s key departure for 2017 was Danny Valencia. The outfielder was good defensively and his loss created another hole in the outfield which was covered by the acquisition of Joyce. But his clubhouse issues on top of Oakland needing to add to their pitching rotation saw Valencia being traded to the Mariners. To date, there really haven’t been any other departures of note. Keep checking this page for any updates.

Oakland Athletics Top 2017 Prospects

Oakland’s has quite a few top prospects developing in their farm system right now. After acquiring a top-20 prospect in a trade with the Mariners and drafting a few promising talents, they’ve got a pretty good crop of players developing. Below are the A’s top prospects expected to get called up in 2017.

Paul Blackburn – Blackburn is a top-20 prospect acquired from the Mariners in the trade for Valencia. His consistency needs a little work and he needs to work harder on pitching more innings, but when he’s doing well, he’s got the power with 90-94 MPH sinkers and a nasty curveball. Blackburn played in double-A for 2016, earning a 1.21 WHIP and a 6.2 K/9 ratio. He should be getting a call to the big show sometime in 2017.

Franklin Barreto – Barreto is a top-50 prospect projected to come out in 2017. He’s a power hitter with a fiery swing but hasn’t developed nearly as quickly on defense. He needs to learn more ball control before he’s ready to get a call. While his .284/.342/.422 line is impressive at such a young age (he’s only 20), his 34 errors in 2015 were a big red flag. He cut those down to 15 errors in as many appearances, so if he continues to develop in the trend, he should get a call soon.

Matt Chapman – Matt Chapman is another good prospect the A’s have in their farm system. He’s defensively solid – but needs to work on his batting. He had 36 home runs and has the power to continue to be a 20+/home run hitter annually, but his batting average was a .237. He needs to learn to control the strike zone more consistently. There’s too swing and miss right now. He’s the #3 3B prospect in the league currently and with a little more offensive development, should be getting a call-up soon.

Betting on the Oakland A’s At An Online Sports Betting Site

Betting on the Athletics at an online sportsbook is relatively simple, once you learn how to pick the right book for you. First, figure out what you’d like to do – what kind of wagers do you want to place, are they going to be large wagers or average ones, etc. Once you find a book that matches your financial needs, narrow down the choices by looking for books that are well established and reliable. Checking out their “about” page will give you their licensing information, their location, and how long they’ve been operational. You’ll want to find a book that accepts residents from your country, as well, which is another thing you can find on the about page. Once you’ve found a book that has all of these requisite details, the hard part is over! Now you just have to fund your account and be on your way to betting on baseball.

What Are The Best Deposit Methods For Baseball Bettors?

When betting on baseball, you’ll want to choose a deposit method that either allows you to deposit a large amount all at once or a method that allows you to deposit quickly. The best baseball betting funding methods we’ve found are prepaid cards, digital currency, and paper checks. Checks allow you to deposit large amounts of money in one go, but they take a few days to process. This method is great for those who know they’re going to be placing a lot of wagers throughout the week because they can credit their account in advance rather than reload it for every wager. It’s also better for those who aren’t in a rush, because like we said before, it does take a few days to credit your account with funds.

For quick deposits that credit your account immediately, players should look to prepaid cards or digital currencies. Prepaid cards are an easy way to avoid using credit cards, which can be declined. These cards credit your account within moments of the payment being processed and are probably the safest way to put money into a sportsbook, because the funds have already been purchased, so you don’t have to get a bank to extend a line of credit and you don’t have to put any account information onto the site. Prepaid cards follow the same deposit limits as credit cards, though, so this is definitely an option based on speed and convenience and not on large deposit amounts.

Digital Currencies are very popular, especially with American players. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin are run independently from any one financial institution, so they aren’t affected by any US banking regulations. They’re simple to use and once you’ve got the hang of the conversion rate, can even yield a profit, based on when you take your funds off the site. If you’re new to using this funding method, most sports betting sites provide a short tutorial to help you get the hang of it. This deposit method allows for a larger deposit amount than prepaid cards and is just as fast, so it is a great middle ground for those who don’t want to mail a check but still want to be able to deposit more than a few hundred dollars at a time.

Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are one of the best reasons to use an online sportsbook. These promotions offer you the chance to add extra money to your account every single time you deposit funds. Deposit bonuses are unique in the fact that instead of offering a set amount of free plays or extra cash, they’ll actually match a percentage of what you’re depositing, so in essence, you decide how much your bonus is. Deposit bonuses do come with some stipulations like rollover requirements, but when you’re adding them to the funds you intend to use to bet on baseball, you’ll reach all requirements in less than a week due to the high volume of games played every day. You become eligible for deposit bonuses as soon as you fund your account, and to cash in on these generous offers, all you have to do is input the promo code associated with the bonus you’d like to use. This is an offer you won’t find at any land based sportsbook.

How To Read Baseball Odds

If you don’t know how to read baseball odds, never fear. It’s actually a lot easier than you think. Below, I’ll lay out an example of the most common baseball odds and then go over how to read and understand them.

The example above is a basic moneyline, or straight bet, wherein you choose an outright winner. When looking at any set of American odds, you’ll see a (+) or (-) symbol. The (+) denotes the underdog, while the (-) represents the favorite. The numbers themselves reflect the money risked. When betting on the favorite, you have to bet the amount shown in order to win $100. In this example, you would have to bet $130 to net $100. It’s the opposite for Underdogs. If you bet $100, you earn $190 if the team wins. SO you see, it’s really simple once you know what everything is. If you are shown fractional odds, there should be a conversion button at the top of the sportsbook screen. If you can’t find that, take a look at the fraction – let’s say it is 19/10. The top number represents the payout, and the bottom number represents what is risked. So for every $10 you bet, you get $19 back. So if you bet $100, you get $190. It’s rare to see baseball odds in fractions, but if it ever comes up, now you know. The numerator is always the payout, and the denominator is always what’s risked.

Baseball Wager Types

The baseball wager types that online sportsbooks offer are almost always more varied than land based books because they have more freedoms to work with. They also have the technology to provide live betting odds, so that you can wager on a game while it’s in progress. With an online book, you can choose between common baseball wagers, like moneylines or totals. You can also choose to wager on the first five innings. This allows you to maximize on teams that have a great starter without risking everything just because they don’t have a good closer. There are so many different wager types to choose from when betting on baseball, and the best ones are always found at online sportsbooks.

BetOnline Sportsbook

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