2017 San Diego Padres Betting Preview

The 2017 San Diego Padres betting preview isn’t one of much optimism at first glance. The team finished with one of the worst records in the majors in 2016 at 68-94. The 2017 roster isn’t shaping up to be any better as there seems to be a fire sale for any player older than 26. If you are planning to place money on this team, making sure that you have all of your bases covered (no pun intended) will be key to making a successful wager.

The San Diego Padres 2017 betting preview is designed to help you understand the odds that are given to the team. We will be explaining the key additions and departures from the team as well as the current status of the team’s prospects. Along with this information, we will explain where and how you can place money on the Padres.

What Are San Diego’s 2017 World Series Betting Odds?

Obviously, in a rebuilding phase, the Padres 2017 World Series betting odds are some of the lowest on the three top online sportsbooks – Bovada, BetOnline, and 5Dimes. 5Dimes list them with a +12500 line. On Bovada, they are tied with five other teams at +10000 and BetOnline has them with the same odds as three other teams at +15000. These odds are a reflection of the team’s woeful 2016 season and the subsequent moves that followed. The Padres are team eyeing the future, so moves to acquire prospects fall in line with that thinking. However, without any veterans, who will teach these players to be professionals? An entire shift in culture is imminent.

Are The Padres Odds To Win The Division Promising?

You can imagine that with the worst odds to win the 2017 World Series, the Padres odds to win the NL West in 2017 aren’t going to provide much hope. This is a year where fans should focus on the growth of the young roster and not division titles. However, free agency is a beast that can turn famine to feast in a matter of days. Depending on how San Diego comes out of the other side of winter meetings will go a long way towards figuring out the 2017 incarnation of the Padres true potential.

2017 Betting Preview for the San Diego Padres

What 2017 Padres Additions Will Provide Immediate Impact?

With winter meetings just starting, the list of players that will sign contracts with the Padres is guaranteed to grow. The team is in desperate need of both starting and bullpen pitching, but are one of the most notoriously frugal franchises. The team doesn’t have a single player that makes a million dollars going into free agency. For now, reliever Carter Capps is the most exciting addition. Though he missed the entire 2016 season recovering from Tommy John surgery, Capps saw action in 30 games and had a 1.16 ERA when he last played with the Miami Marlins on 2015. Capps is currently the highest paid player on the roster at $987,500. Aside from that, there aren’t many veteran players clamoring for a chance to play for a franchise that seems to be trending in the wrong direction.

What Players Did The 2017 Padres Lose From The 2016 Roster?

If there had to be a face put on the current situation with the franchise, it would be general manager A.J. Preller. In his two years as GM, he has taken a team that was already bad and made them worse while simultaneously gutting its farm system in an attempt at an overnight rebuild. It didn’t work and the team will feel the effects this season. The team’s best pitcher Tyson Ross was not tendered and was allowed to become a free agent. With the team already struggling at the position, his signing would have gone a long way towards getting back into contention. Although a possible reunion is believed to be the desire of the team, they will have to wait for the market to determine his value.

In a defining effort to solidify their status as rebuilding, the team traded veteran catcher Derek Norris to the Washington Nationals for prospects and allowed Jon Jay to sign with the Cubs. It was essentially the end of any veteran presence on the roster after parting ways with Justin Upton, Matt Kemp, and James Shields during the season. Now the team will be built around 25-year-old first baseman Wil Myers if he isn’t traded to continue the youth movement.

Do The Padres Have Any Prospects With Potential?

Some of the moves did bring back interesting prospects for the Padres 2017 roster. The one thing to get excited about with rebuilding teams is the development of young players. 18-year-old righty Anderson Espinoza was acquired at the All-Star break for Drew Pomeranz and is the team’s top-rated prospect. The 6-ft 160-pound Venezuelan reached low Class A ball by the time he was 17 and can throw in the high 90s and low 100s. He locates the ball well because he has strong command, but he will need to add strength to be able to stay healthy for such a long season. The Padres hope Espinoza can develop into a future ace.

Phil Maton is another name that is consistently floating around as one that could see playing time as early as 2016. Maton is a former 20th round draft pick by the Padres who throws what is known as an “invisible fastball.” His pitch doesn’t have the velocity of others (averaging between 90-92 mph), but the last movement of the pitch makes it extremely difficult to see and even harder to hit. His cutter is probably his second best pitch followed by his curve. If he does play, expect Maton to be an emergency arm in the bullpen.

As far as batting potential, Josh Naylor is the prize in the Padres system. The lefty’s raw power was the reason he was drafted 12th overall by the Marlins in 2015, the highest Canadian hitter draft pick ever. Naylor’s power paired with good bat speed and above average hand-eye coordination make him a definite contender for future home run derbies, but his less than stellar defense needs to improve. He is the number five rated first baseman and projects as a potential 30-plus home run, middle-of-the-order hitter.

Online Baseball Betting Sites Guide To Wagering On The Padres

Despite the many reasons to not to place money on the Padres, one reason stands above all others as to why you should: the massive payout. The bigger the dog, the bigger the pay. Imagine what $100 wager could produce should this team pull off the improbable. The “Miracle Mets” of the late 1960s strike a team that probably earned one lucky guy a fortune. Today, with online sports betting sites peaking in popularity, there is a chance for the earnings to be even bigger. What makes it even more enticing is that the process to get started is a simple one.

How To Make A Deposit To Bet Baseball

Getting money onto an online sportsbook is made convenient by giving new players several options from their opening deposits. Credit cards, bitcoin, Western Union or MoneyGram are just a few of the methods that can be used to fund accounts. Though processing times and fees vary depending on how you choose to add money to your account, Visa and bitcoin are amongst the most popular. The primary reason is because they process at fast speeds than other methods and bitcoin comes without any fees.

Along with these various options, members of an online sports betting site are also privy to the deposit bonuses offered at every online sportsbook. Players can add instant funds to their bankrolls through welcome bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses and much more.

How Do Deposit Bonuses Work?

Deposit bonuses will be different for every site. Depending on the MLB betting site of your choice, you could be offered one of the several welcome bonuses. Bovada, for example, gives new players a 50% bonus up to $250. This offer is only valid on your first deposit. Whatever it is that you deposit, Bovada will match 50% of that and add it to your bankroll instantly. The bonus requires a five-time rollover which means that the entire amount of the deposit and bonus must be wagered five times over before making a withdrawal. This may seem like a lot, but this can be done over the course of one day of baseball betting.

Most deposit bonuses follow this same script with rollovers and deposit percentages. Some baseball betting sites provide bonuses up to 75% but require a much higher rollover rate. Shopping around the different books for the most profitable bonuses is the best method for finding one that suits your needs.

What Type Of Payout Could A Winning Padres Bet Produce?

The odds, or lines, attached to any bet are a representation of how to determine your bet’s payout. Knowing how to read odds is half the battle and tell you exactly how much a wager on the Padres, or any other team, would be. American, fractional, and decimal are the three ways that odds can be viewed. They are most often based on a $100 wager and are the most important part of the wager if your aim is to score some cash.

American odds are the most common and have positive and negative signs to signify the favorites and underdogs. Fractional odds show the required risk amount and potential payout in standard fraction form. The risk amount will be found on the right or bottom half of the fraction (the denominator) and the payout on the left or top (numerator). Just add zero to each side. Decimal odds require a small bit of math, but nothing major. Multiply the odds by the risk amount to find out your payout. That is all there is to it.

After Determining The Payout, How Can I Play The Padres Odds?

Though the ways to determine your payout might be limited, the number of ways that you can bet on the information gained from the Padres betting preview are nearly endless. Moneyline, parlays, and prop bets among others can be found on just about every wagering platform. For most novice and veteran players, first five-inning bets are the most popular. These types allow you to wager solely on the outcome of the first half of the game. These bets highlight the usage of the starting pitcher and virtually eliminates the uncertainty of the bullpen. What makes it even better is that this type of bet is exclusive to baseball wagers.

What Kind Of Wagers Can I Place on MLB?

Though the majority of betting methods are similar across all sports, you will find that there are certain wager types exclusive to baseball. MLB moneylines are the easiest wagering concept to grasp, considering that you are simply picking a side and betting on whether team A or team B will win the game. Wagering on run lines is a popular type of MLB betting that involves a small point spread of either -1.5 or +1.5. The favorite (-) must win the game by at least 2 runs, and the underdog must either win outright or lose by 1 run. Betting baseball totals involves wagering on whether the number of runs scored by both teams will be over or under a total set by the oddsmaker. When betting over/under MLB bets, it is important to remember that the game must go all 9-innings in order to be graded. MLB parlay bets are where you combine two or more individual bets that must all win in order to receive a payout. This can be a combination of totals or sides that are all put into a single bet. Betting on the first five innings is the bet type that is unique to baseball betting. Bettors find a lot of value in betting on what the outcome will be after the first half of the game because there are typically no bullpen considerations to be made. The final types of MLB wagers are futures and propositions. Prop bets involve making wagers on events not related to the winner of the game. For example, betting on player statistics such as number of hits, runs, or strikes. Futures are placed on events that will not occur for weeks or months. A popular MLB future in the offseason is betting on who will win the World Series in the coming season. For detailed explanations of each individual baseball wagering type, see our Major League Baseball Wagering Guide.

What Baseball Trends And Statistics Should Be Tracked?

Any baseball trend that you feel is beneficial to your wager is worth noting. Most fans are drawn to a pitcher’s ERA as a measuring stick of his season. A player’s WHIP might be a more accurate representation of where they rank. The Padres didn’t have a pitcher in the top 30 in the category and coincidentally didn’t have very much success out of their rotation.

For batters, slugging percentage and batting averages can be misleading when it comes to a player’s value. Not that they are not important, but MLBPreview.com recommends including the OPS and WAR of players into your research can help you become that much more accurate in your predictions.

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As an underdog, you want to place your money on the site that will give you the biggest reward for stepping out on faith. The San Diego Padres betting preview list BetOnline as the best destination to place your wagers. The Padres 2017 World Series odds currently sit at +15000. This isn’t an uncommon result, seeing as BetOnline has been servicing players with fast and favorable lines for more than 15 years.

BetOnline is a titan in the online sportsbook community. The MLB betting site usually posts lines as early as the finish to the last game of the evening and sometimes before. They have been known to post overnight lines as well. Lines are customarily soft when they first come out and trend more towards public opinion. The closer the game gets, the more the odds change. Finding a site, like BetOnline, that post their lines early will find the Padres as heavy underdogs for most games, but by favorable margins that can be taken advantage of. Consistently finding better odds over the course of an entire season can provide huge long-term savings.

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