2017 San Francisco Giants Betting Preview

Things are looking up for the San Francisco Giants 2017 betting preview. The “Even-year champions” have addressed one of their most glaring holes in their relief rotation and could be one of the potential sleeper picks going into the 2016-17 baseball season. It will most likely come down to whether the team can find production on offense and from third base.

Trading Matt Duffy in August left a void in the corners that needs to be addressed. However, the optimism surrounding the betting preview for the 2017 San Francisco Giants is well-founded. Look for San Francisco to make plenty of noise during their 2017 campaign. It will be heavily reliant on the factors that we will discuss below.

How Are The Giants 2017 World Series Odds?

San Francisco’s World Series odds are +1400 on Bovada, tied for fifth with the Los Angeles Dodgers. They have the same +1400 line at BetOnline, but that ties them with four other teams for eighth best odds to win it all. 5Dimes has the most faith out of all three books citing the Giants with the third best odds to win the 2017 World Series at +1100 (tied with the Washington Nationals).

If the team is able to clean up the situation at the infield corners, add one more pitcher to their relief rotation, and find at least one power hitter to give their offense a shot in the arm, look out. Continue researching the 2017 San Francisco Giants betting previews because they will surely improve before the start of the season.

Does Melancon Improve The Giants Odds To Win The NL West?

After finishing second in the division at 87-75, only four games behind the NL West champions Los Angeles Dodgers, the addition of arguably the best closer available helps plenty. The team had nine blown saves by one pitcher alone last year. Melancon only blew four saves, which means had they had him, they might have won it in 2016. Hypotheticals are usually based more opinions, but the math adds up. The point is that with the help of a new closer the Giants will challenge the Dodgers for the top spot in the division.

2017 Betting Preview for the San Francisco Giants

What 2017 Additions To The Giants Roster Make The Team Better?

Sometimes puzzling free agency moves can have the opposite effect of what they should. Instead of making team’s better, a new player can sometimes come in and make matters take a turn for the worst. Adding free agent closer Mark Melancon to the most lucrative relief pitcher contract in league history at the time of his signing will not be one of those moves.

Sure, Melancon may not possess the stuff of some of the other free agent relievers like Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen, but he is what could be described as an artist in the strike zone. His pitch sits at around 91-94 mph, but the movement of his pitches paired with his command make for a nearly unhittable cutter. If there is contact, then it is usually soft hits and that plays into the hands of the Giants defense perfectly, especially with the midfield combination of Brandon Crawford and Joe Panik.

San Francisco Giants 2017 Key Losses

To date, there haven’t been any moves that will greatly impact what the Giants will do to make it back to the NLDS. Most of their roster is the same as it was last season, but the addition of Melancon makes the relief rotation crowded. That could spell the end of Sergio Romo, Santiago Casilla, or Javier Lopez in a Giants uniform. Romo played well down the stretch of the season as a closer and Lopez would be hard to replace as a lefty reliever. That leaves Casilla as the most likely departure after turning in the worst season he has had in San Francisco.

For the first time in seven seasons with the Giants Casilla posted an ERA over three and blew a league-leading nine saves. The postseason was the true indicator as he only played in one game, despite the horrendous play of the bullpen. Melancon all but guarantees that Casilla will be with a different ball club come 2017.

2017 San Francisco Giants Prospects

Christian Arroyo’s odds to win the 2017 Rookie of the Year award will surprise a lot of people, but shouldn’t. He is the highest-rated player in the Giants farm system for good reason and could see time as soon as the beginning of the 2016-17 season. Arroyo is an infielder who the Giants will probably use at third, but he will be primarily used for his hitting. He projects as a plus-300 hitter because of his natural ability to make solid contact on the ball. His defense and speed are not at the level they need to be, but his superb hand-eye coordination and a strong arm can help him compensate until he improves.

Tyler Beede is another player that could get some experience in the majors this year. The right-handed pitcher out of Vanderbilt has a few pitches that are pro-ready, but his inability to consistently command the strike zone remains an issue. His two-seam fastball clocks from 90-95 mph and is his best pitch, his four-seam can reach up to 97 mph. Combined, the two pitches bring his changeup to life. His changeup doesn’t drop like other young pitchers, it fades and can throw off a batter’s timing consistently. Although his contributions to this season would be minimal, he could potentially be a rotational starter.

How To Wager On The 2017 San Francisco Giants Using Online Sports Betting Sites

The process to go from picking what type of wager you would like to make on the Giants to actually placing the bet simple one. Online sports betting sites San Francisco Giants fans can use are in abundance and require very little to get started. Important factors like deposit bonuses, wager types and the way you read odds can be learned in minutes. In fact, let’s just get that out of the way.

How Easy Is It To Make A Deposit At A Sportsbook?

Signing up and making a deposit into an online sports betting site is as easy as having your credit card ready. Credit card deposits are the simplest, and most popular, way to fund a sportsbook account. Of them all, Visa deposits lead nearly every major bookmaking site in the category. Of course service fees will apply, like the 4.9% charge on Bovada, but taking advantage of one of many deposit bonuses will more than help you break even on that front. Proof of identity will be required on the first deposit for security reasons and to help protect players. Every subsequent transaction can be made in seconds.

Where Is The Widest Selection Of Deposit Bonuses?

Every online bookmaking site will have enticing offers for you to apply to the information you learned from the San Francisco Giants 2017 betting preview. There are deposit bonuses that welcome you to sportsbooks and others that are lifetime promotions. Instead of bonuses, 5Dimes prefers to offer its members rewards programs. The vast selection includes more than 20 unique programs that can pad your bank account with quite the cushion.

For baseball bettors, one of the most popular programs is the reduced juice program. 5Dimes moves the odds in your favor for every bet. With so many games, high-volume betting isn’t uncommon for MLB betting. Saving about $3 every wager can add up to more money in your bankroll and more opportunities to win. Visit 5Dimes sports betting site for more details on the program.

Baseball Odds Explained

Odds are a sportsbook’s way to show the expected payout of a wager. They can be represented in three ways, American, fractional, and decimal. Each can be read easily as long as the player is clear on how to interpret them. Warning: some of these will require a little math to figure out, but when we say little we mean it.

American Odds Can Be Found At Most Online Sports Betting Sites

At nearly every book, American odds will be available for players. Plus and minus (+/-) symbols are used to represent the risk amount in a $100 wager. Positive numbers are the underdogs and give the value of how much you must wager in order to win $100. Negative odds are for the favorite and show how much you will win based on a $100 bet. A +400 wager means that the bettor will risk $400 to win $100 for a total payout of $500. A -250 wager means that if a player puts up $100, they would win $250 with a correct pick for a total of $350.

How To Figure Out Decimal Odds

Remember the small bit of math from earlier? Well, to figure out your pay from decimal odds you must multiply the given set of odds by your risked amount. It is a one-step process that can be figured out using a calculator on your smartphone or by finding an online odds converter. Even odds would show up as 2.00 because it doubles your risked amount.

Read Fractional Odds From Right To Left

Fractional odds are the most simple to read because it doesn’t require the bettor to do anything but add a zero to each side of the fraction (11/10 becomes 110/100). The number on the right tells you how much you must risk on a wager and the left tells you how much the bet will payout. No conversions or math necessary.

How Important Are Baseball Trends And Statistics To A Bet?

Without analytics, what would baseball be? Coaches use them to find the slightest edge for a game, why wouldn’t you do the same for a bet? More than any other sport, baseball is littered with details that change the outcome of games. For example, there were signs that pointed to the Giants epic ninth-inning collapse in the National League Divisional Series. One of those was the fact that the team carried the league leader in blown saves on the roster in Santiago Casilla. Although he had already been taken out of the rotation, it was an indicator that the relief rotation wasn’t reliable.

Things like that should prompt a bettor to look for bets that favor the over when betting on the San Francisco Giants. It can also mean that taking a first five inning bet would also be beneficial because you would only need to factor in the starting pitching. That may not be the case any longer now that Mark Melancon is on the roster but the point remains the same. Relying on ERA and batting average alone won’t get you but so far. There are many things that play into a game, it is up to you to find them.

5Dimes Sportsbook

The Most Flexible Betting Lines

The aforementioned 5Dimes online sports betting site is the perfect place for high volume baseball bettors. The reduced juice program, which players are automatically enrolled in upon sign up, gives players savings on every wager. The industry-standard -110 odds that customarily accompany wagers is changed to more favorable odds like -107 for different bets. This program provides incremental savings that can add up over the course of a 162-game season.

Aside from the everyday savings of the reduced juice, 5Dimes also offers deals specifically to fans of the MLB. 10-cent moneyline, totals, and side bets can be found on nearly every game. The savings improve to 5-cent on overnight moneyline wagers, which improve odds to -105 pricing. These offers include all late games and can be found until 8 a.m. Don’t miss your chance at all of the savings.

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