2017 Seattle Mariners Betting Preview

The Seattle Mariners betting preview for 2017 includes a lot of optimism. After just barely missing out on the playoffs for the fifteenth year in a row, the Seattle Mariners will be itching to finally break the longest postseason-less streak in baseball in 2017. All of their top players are under contract so there will be no real losses via free agency so trades will be the key when discussing the Mariners offseason moves. Behind perennial all-stars Robinson Cano and Felix Hernandez, the Mariners will always have a shot at the postseason and when you add in guys like Nelson Cruz, and Kyle Seager then the Mariners are just a piece or two away from a potential World Series run.

Seattle Mariners 2017 World Series Odds

As the odds stand now the Seattle Mariners World Series chances for 2017 are +2500. This according to both Bovada, BetOnline, and Sportsbetting.ag sportsbooks. This puts them right around the middle of the league which is to be expected after a good but not great season in 2016. This upcoming Mariners baseball season outlook should be full of optimism as the team came so close to making their first post-season appearance in 15 years. With the Texas Rangers losing some key pieces in free agency, the Mariners AL West odds could top the division. Only time will tell what the future holds for this promising ballclub, so stay on top of all the latest odds and betting lines at the suggested online sportsbooks.

2017 Betting Preview for the Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners Key Additions

The Mariners have yet to make any real key additions thus far. Pitchers Marc Rzepczynski and Casey Fien were brought in for competition purposes but shouldn’t configure into the Mariners rotation plans. Seattle has also expressed interest in trades, specifically for Cincinnati Reds pitcher Anthony DeSclafani. The right-hander is just 24 years old and is one of the better young starting pitchers in the league. That could be a move to look out for. Don’t rule out a potential blockbuster signing of Andrew McCutchen either.

Seattle Mariners Key Departures

The Mariners are in a good place right now as none of their key players are pending free agency. The bulk of their talent is locked into contracts so the only thing they can do is improve other positions by bringing in free agents and perhaps making trades. If they do decide to go the trade route, then they could look to trade somebody like a Leodys Martin or maybe a mid-rotational pitcher to bring in somebody batter at the top of the order, which has been a problem for them for a while now.

Mariners Farm Prospects to Look Out For in 2017

Kyle Lewis is the team’s top-ranked prospect in their farm system. Lewis is a physically imposing young outfielder who is currently the 28th rated prospect in all of Major League Baseball and he has made the most of his time in the minors. After continuing his strong play in 2016, Lewis, unfortunately, suffered a serious knee injury that cut his season short and will likely keep him from getting called up in 2017 as well. Though he still has a shot, he may need another year in the minors to rehab.

The name that fans should really expect to see in 2017 is Tyler O’Neill. O’Neill also plays in the outfield and unfortunately for Lewis, he could benefit from his injury. The Mariners are thin in the outfield and could use some help in the middle of their order. Calling up Tyler O’Neill could be the move they make to fill the hole so get familiar with the kid now.

The Seattle Mariners Prospects

Player Position ETA Age Height
Kyle Lewis Outfield 2018 21 6 Foot 4
Tyler O’Neill Outfield 2017 21 5 Foot 11
Drew Jackson Shortstop 2018 23 6 Foot 2
How To Bet On The Seattle Mariners At Online Sports Betting Sites

Making Your First Baseball Betting Deposit Is Easy

For those that are making their first baseball betting deposit, know that putting money into your sportsbook account is made incredibly easy by all of the top sites. They provide a comforting variety that eases any doubts or concerns about legitimacy and provides players the option to choose their preferred method. You can choose between options like credit cards, bitcoin, Western Union and MoneyGram. These are all of the mainstays at most sites. The processing times vary depending on what option you choose to use but Bitcoin is usually the quickest and most popular method.

Along with all of these terrific options, members at these online sportsbooks also are rewarded for using their site with a welcome bonus. Most major sites have these and they just add to your deposit and sports betting experience.

How Do Deposit Bonuses Work at Online Sportsbooks

Depositing money is one of the easiest things to do when using an online sportsbook. They vary from site to site but depending on the one you prefer, you will start with being offered a welcome bonus. The most popular online baseball betting site is Bovada which offers it’s players a 50% bonus of up to $250 of your original deposit. This bonus will be added to your bankroll instantly but there is a five-time rollover requirement involved. This means that the amount you deposited plus the bonus have to be wagered five times before you can withdraw any money. This is a standard practice at online sites and Bovada’s rollover is actually lower than most other places. That being said, other sites like BetOnline and 5Dimes, though they do have more rollover requirements, also have better bonus offers that include a higher percentage of your original deposit and a higher deposit maximum. Check them all out and decide which you prefer.

Baseball Wager Types Available At Online Sportsbooks

Understanding all of the different baseball wager types is a good way to get ahead when placing bets on said wagers. Players can benefit greatly when they know the differences between each bet as well as when the best time to use them is.

The more traditional wager types include things like moneylines and runlines. These two are the most popular to use in baseball as they are simply bets placed on the score of the game. With a moneyline, you bet on who will win the game, while with a runline you bet with a line at 1.5. The favorite being -1.5 and the underdog being +1.5. This means that whoever you decide to bet on, needs to win by two or more runs to cover. Over/under’s are really popular as well and are just bets on whether or not the two teams competing will score enough combined runs to top the total prediction on the online sportsbooks.

Some other exotic baseball wager types include things like parlays, prop bets, and first five inning betting. Parlays provide players the opportunity to make multiple wagers at once but all of the bets you placed have to win for you to win the parlay. If one loses, it’s over. Prop bets are fairly traditional but baseball provides so much more variety than a lot of other sports. These are wagers that give players the opportunity to bet on statistics. For example, you can make a bet on how many runs a pitcher will allow in a game, or how many hits a batter will have.

Perhaps the most unique to baseball wager types available is first five inning betting. No other sport offers this because of course baseball is the only sport in which innings are a measure of time. Other sports do have quarter and half time wagers but it’s different in baseball because of the added aspect of relief pitchers. With first 5 inning betting, players can bet on the outcome of a game up until the fifth inning, thus providing the player with the assurance that a relief pitcher won’t alter the ending. No other sport can offer something like that.

Understanding Baseball Betting Trends And Statistics

When wagering on any sport, regardless of what it is, we at MLBPreviews.com can tell you one of the key strategies involved in placing bets is understanding the betting trends and recognizing statistics. Baseball betting trends are especially important as there are so many stats to keep up with, it’s important to be able to isolate the numbers that are more impactful on wagers than others.

Typically when the average baseball fan thinks of important baseball stats numbers like home runs, ERA, RBI’s, and batting average come to mind. While all of those stats are great to keep up with, they aren’t always the numbers that tell the whole story. That’s where sabermetrics come into play. This method of keeping track of stats breaks down the player’s worth in depth and really pinpoints the value of each and every player on a team's roster. A stat like a players WAR, or Wins Against Replacement, can be a better indicator of a batter's value than batting average and on the opposite side of the ball, a pitcher's WHIP, or walks and hits per innings pitch, reveals more about that player than ERA. Some other stats that potential baseball bettors should pay attention to are OPS (on-base plus slugging), slugging percentage, batting average on balls in play (babip) and so much more.

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