2017 Texas Rangers Betting Preview

The Texas Rangers have made the playoffs in five of their last seven seasons and have built a culture that involves an expectation to win. 2017 should be no different as they are coming off an AL West title and are looking to regain that position and make a run at a World Series. With bats like Adrian Beltre, Rougned Odor, Elvis Andrus, and Nomar Mazara in the lineup, their offense should continue to play at a high level. As far as their pitching is concerned, they have high profile guys like Yu Darvish, Cole Hamels, and Martin Perez behind the plate so this team is a threat on both offense and defense. Even with all of those great pieces, Texas will certainly look to add a couple more guys to get to World Series status, so when looking at the Texas Rangers 2017 betting preview, keep in mind their offseason should be busy.

Texas Rangers 2017 World Series Odds

The Texas Rangers odds to win the 2017 World Series are listed at +2500 at Bovada Sportsbook. That’s good for second in the division behind only the Houston Astros. The Astros odds surpassed the Rangers in December after a few offseason moves made the oddsmakers gain more confidence in them. Texas won the AL West in 2016 and tied for the second-best record in all of baseball so their average World Series odds are a puzzler but it’s a long season, a lot will change.

Rangers Odds to Win the AL West

The Rangers finished on top of the division last season but with all of the players they have lost in free agency thus far, their odds won’t paint the picture of division favorite. The American League West divisional odds aren’t posted on any online sportsbooks as of yet but they should be up once spring training inches closer. The Rangers World Series odds are right around the middle of the league and are worse than the Houston Astros, and the same as the Seattle Mariners, both of whom are division rivals. One would assume that those odds point to the Texas Rangers odds to win the AL West as being around the same.

2017 Betting Preview for the Texas Rangers

Rangers Key Additions and Departures

The Rangers started their offseason by re-signing Carlos Gomez to a 1 year 11.5 million dollar deal. Though he had a down year in 2016, Gomez is capable of getting back to all-star form. They then went out and signed pitcher Andrew Cashner to a one-year deal as well to fill out their rotation. The Rangers are not done yet, though, there are rumors around the MLB right now that the Rangers are interested in Mike Napoli as well.

The Rangers key departures start with the loss of Ian Desmond to the Rockies. Desmond was a major contributor to the Rangers success last season and he only spent one year in Texas. His loss will leave a big hole in center field. Another guy whose presence could be missed in 2017 is Carlos Beltran. Beltran signed with the Houston Astros and is a blow to the veteran leadership of the Rangers. Add in the departures of Mitch Moreland (Red Sox) and Derek Holland (White Sox) and the Ranger will have a lot of positions to fill.

Rangers Farm Prospects to Look Out For in 2017

The big name to look out for among the Rangers farm system prospects is definitely their number one prospect, Yohander Mendez. Mendez has been called up a couple of time since being drafted in 2011 but he has stayed under the inning limit to still be considered a prospect. The 21-year-old left-hander is 6 foot 5 and over 200 pounds and has a solid group of pitches that include a low to mid 90’s fastball, a solid curve, and perhaps his best pitch is his changeup. After losing mid-rotational pitcher, Derek Holland, the Rangers could be looking to add Mendez into the competition for that open spot in 2017.

A couple of other Texas Rangers prospects to know going in 2017 are Andy Ibanez and Leody Taveras. Ibanez is a second baseman prospect who isn’t projected to get called up until 2018 but Rangers fans should be excited about the possibility of being called up. He’s the fourth rated second baseman among prospects and is solid on both offense and defense. Taveras is the youngest prospect of the three. At only 18 years old, Leody Taveras was bought by the club when he was just 16 and is a speedy player with good abilities in the field and the batter’s box.

The Texas Rangers Prospects

Player Position ETA Age Height
Yohander Mendez LHP 2018 21 6 Foot 5
Andy Ibanez 2B 2018 23 5 Feet 10
Leody Taveras OF 2020 18 6 foot 1
How To Bet On The Texas Rangers At Online Sports Betting Sites

Making Your First Baseball Betting Deposit Is Easy

The first step in the exhilarating preview of betting on MLB is funding your sportsbook account. It’s really a very simple process as all you have to do is decide on which sportsbook you would like to use, create your account by entering basic information like name, date of birth and on some occasions you may have to provide a photocopy of your ID for preventative fraud purposes. After that, you choose your deposit method, deposit your desired amount of money and you are good to go. The most popular baseball betting deposit methods are Bitcoin, which is accepted worldwide, checks, Money Gram, and credit card deposits. None of those methods come with any sort of deposit fee but be wary of other methods like person-to-person which does usually come with a fee but if it’s your first deposit you don’t need to worry because some sites take care of that fee for you. Depositing money into sportsbooks is a very easy process and sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and 5Dimes make it that much easier.

Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses and How To Use Them

Sportsbook bonuses are a huge selling point for sports betting sites. They can come in a few different forms as some sites offer a percentage of your original deposit, risk-free bets, refer a friend bonuses, reload bonuses for existing customers and more. While these bonuses are for the most part helpful, there are some requirements involved in accepting these bonuses.

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These bonuses are put into your sportsbook account quickly, though it does depend on the site and bonus you choose. Once you receive the whole bonus, you must wait until the following month until you can accept your payout. That being said, bonuses still for the most part can be very helpful in getting you ahead quickly. Everybody likes free money and that’s essentially what bonuses are.

Baseball Wager Types Available At Online Sportsbooks

Moneylines: If you are a newcomer to sports betting, then moneyline bets are a good way to get your feet wet. They are the easiest bets to understand when wagering on baseball as they are simply a bet in which you pick the outright winner. You can choose the favorite or the underdog and every now and then you will run into a game where both teams have the same juice.

Over/Unders: This bet is also known as a total bet because you are wagering on whether or not the total amount of runs scored between the two opponents will be under or over the set total given on a sportsbook. So if the game you want to place a bet on features two top level pitchers and poor offenses, then you may want to think about betting the under.

Runlines: This bet allows bettors to make a wager on a team with a designated point spread of either -1.5 or 1.5. A runline can be a better bet sometimes because with them you can bet on whether the favorite will win by at least two runs (-1.5), which requires a lot less juice than moneylines. The adverse is also true as players can take more juice to bet on the underdog (+1.5).

Parlays: With parlays, a player picks two or more baseball teams to win their games and all of the teams they pick must win for the bet to be completed. The more teams and bets you place, the more money you stand to win. You can choose to bet the moneyline on all your bets, or you can switch up the baseball wager types and choose to be the over/under or runline.

Proposition: These are known as “prop” bets and they hold some of the most popular baseball betting lines of all the other wager types. With props, you can bet on not only team stats but individual player stats as well. For example, bettors can place wagers on how many hits a better will have, or how many strikeouts a pitcher will have.

First Five Innings: This is a unique wager type in baseball. First, 5 inning bets are typically for bettors who don’t want to allow the bullpens to decide the outcome of the game. With this bet, you can simply rely on the starting pitcher and the bet ends after the fifth inning is over.

Understanding Baseball Betting Trends And Statistics

Baseball betting trends are a key contributor to making educated bets with online sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, and 5dimes. Keeping up with teams who win more with their pitching rotation and teams who rely on home runs and scoring in bunches can make the difference in winning or losing an over/under bet. The same goes for all other wager types as well. Every betting line takes the numbers into account and so should you.

Traditional stats like batting average and ERA are fine to use but after Bill James developed the sabermetrics system, there are now more in depth stats that indicated a team’s success rate better than those. For example, the WAR stat is a huge number to pay attention to when making bets on baseball because it calculates a player's Wins Above their Replacement. This helps to recognize how important that specific player is to his team and compares his numbers to that of who his replacement would be and calculates how many more wins he is responsible for than his replacement. The intricacy involved is exactly what can help someone betting on baseball to make more calculated and intelligent bets.

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